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Fortress of Fantasm

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Author Comments

Fight your way through the randomly generated Fortress of Fantasm. Gather 5 keys and defeat the boss at the end, while beating down as many monsters as you can. The game starts off pretty easy, but it is hard as hell to actually finish.

Arrows/WASD = move; left, left or right, right to dash;
Z/J = Attack; press repeatedly, press with forward button or while dashing for different variations; hold down while mana is available to Manastrike;
Spacebar = Start game; pick up items; hold down to pass through doors;
1/2 = Switch character; 1 for spellblade, 2 for amazon;
Shift/P = Pause; check map; press Space on pause screen to use a potion, if available;

HOW TO USE DOORS: Go up to the door and hold SPACE for a second or so. This is to keep you from accidentally switching rooms, and to let you pick up items that fall on doors. Trust me, it's for the best.

If you want to know EXACTLY how the game works, you can read more info on my site: http://z10.invisionfree.c om/ASV_Forums/index.php?s howtopic=129

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Fun, but frustrating

Hey Ace.

- Hack'n'slash games are all right, but they tend to have "cheap ai subroutines": doing the same one or two moves repeatedly, often relying on quick animation, high damage, or a large "area of effect". This game kinda of reminds me of the boss fight with Bloody Malth in Ninja Gainden 1: it's basically a slugfest to the death. While the randomness of the game (levels and monster spawning) is a REALLY nice touch, the battle system is one-dimensional. Perhaps that was the idea; I'm just not into that aspect of the game.

- I wish the player characters could jump.

- Too bad monsters don't drop things when you kill them. Maybe just the humanoid guys. I don't think I'd want food from some slime; goodness knows where he might have had it. :P

- Having an AI ally is great, but the AI could be better. I get annoyed having to switch to the ally just to save him/her, or wasting potions just for the ally.

- Some additional equipment as someone pointed out earlier, would have been cool.

- Being able to use mana for things other than offense might have taked out some of the one-dimensionalness of the battle system.

- Your music sounds nice. I just wish there was an easier way to make a seamless loop with MP3s. (Not your fault; I just hate that in Flash.)

- Adding a few different sounds for the hit impact would have been better. The same sound gets monotonous. Also, different sounds when you hit different monsters would have been cool too. For example, when you hit the slimes, it could sound kinda mushy, hitting those armadillo thinges could sound like hitting a pile of rocks or something, lol. (:

- The sound effect for smashing a barrel is considerably louder than the rest of the sounds.

- Give the game characters different death sounds. They all have the same sound. :P

- I don't like how all the attacks are performed with one button. Other than that, its easy to control the characters.

- I think the pixel art is all right. There are, however, a few inconsistencies, such as the barriers on the doors. I also thought the mana bar could be improved. It should have a consistent look with the health bars (they look good, by the way).

- For the most part, the animation looks good. The walk animations of the player's characters don't look right. They should also have a run animation. Making them move fast with the walk animation really looks weird. :P

Notes / Polish / Other
- Noticed that the barrels could be bumped around heh. (-:

- Wish I could save my game somehow.

- There seems to be a glitch with your computer ally. When you first enter a room with monsters, your ally will attack, even if there are no monsters in the the immediate area.

- Screen transition effect doesn't look right. A simple scroll to the next room would have looked better.

- Sometimes, the floating eye will just sit there and not attack. Not sure if that's by design or not.

- When the instructions are open while in-game, you should pause the game. It should be the same as when you pull up your map.

- Sometimes, the ally's movement jerks around when following you. This happens when I run in one direction, then stop running, and just walk in that same direction.

- I like how you can mute music and sounds separately. (:

I really would like to get into this game, but there just isn't enough there. If you ever make another, or improve on this one, let me know. (:


* salutes *

- Ziro out.

It's good

I saw your post on mochi - figured I'd check it out.
I had mixed feelings at first, although the game grows on you as you start playing through it. I like the minimap and the animations for enemies as well as the variation. It's just that the presentation of the game likely throws off a lot of people. For example there's no real intro to how I got inside the castle or what it is I'm doing there in the first place.

The graphics are also kinda mixed which is strange to say the least, you have some pixelated and some vector, which doesn't go together very well. I also think the transitions from each room could use some improvement.

Overall it's a good game and I enjoyed it.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

Hey man, thanks for giving it a decent try.

I never really thought about why you'd be in the Fortress of Fantasm. I mean, why wouldn't you? Clearly, I've skipped the intro to NetHack too many times...

Thanks for playing

Really hard

I made it to the end but only found 1 key which was out in the open. Parts of my map lit up light gray so i kept returning to the light up rooms but still found nothing.
I like the ally. She kicked butt but she had a tendency to speed rush to the other side of the room and get owned before I was even halfway there. Monsters could attack while on top of you but you couldn't I ended up wasting all my magic because it used itself :( Meat and jewelry healed the hero but you had to switch characters to heal your ally. Either food would heal like 50 for your hero and 25 for ally or if you had full health excess health spilled over to ally I would have been happy.
Since you made it to where enemies could respawn you shoulkd have taken the time to add a lvl up system or the ability to pick up new weapons and equips. I really liked the opening. Why didn't you do a gauntlet legends voiceover thing? Like when you eat and the character goes yum!.

its ok

not rely my kind of game it nees more than one button hit system u know have diffent button for each move and needs objectives like a point to why your in tha dungen and have like spells or powers that kills thing all around u like when theres alot of people around it helps keep them back sorry not good at spelling

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

objective: Gather 5 keys and defeat the boss at the end, while beating down as many monsters as you can

I never liked spells like that. It's more fun to just beat the shit out of everything.