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When the Medalist Cries

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Please Review! I love insight! This is an anime opening using a small handful of characters of my own creation. Yes, all of these characters came from my own head. Don't steal them. The title I use to refer to these characters is MEDAL, the name I wish to use when I eventually create a manga for this. I have tons more characters, but because of the opening I used, I only fit 5. The song is the 1st Opening of the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (Higurashi When They Cry). The structure of the scenes in this cartoon are based on the scenes from the Higurashi Opening.

And again, thanks and please review!

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Not bad Not bad at all in fact this got me inspired to make my own opening for my newest project a compleatly hand-drawn anime featuring my character of my own creation!

you did a good job

me and my friend liked this

Supersonic64 responds:

Thank you! ^-^

Mr Roboto

Leave anime to the japanese, try broading your ability. Anime in terms of cartooning is very low on the rung anyhow. As far as this goes, the characters where pretty generic which isn't any help. If your going to say the characters are original, at least be honest about it. their wasn't much animation in it and what there was, seemed pretty static try adding more movement and action. And practice figure drawing, and drawing people, it will help you animation skillz.

Supersonic64 responds:

I appreciate the insight, but when u say that about anime it just goes to show u dont know much about it. Cartooning or animation in anime vary depending on studio. Some are great, and others are just average. Why anime should be strictly by japanese is beyond me, it's an art form, therefore is able to be adapted by anyone. And I thought I was honest, they are all original. And there are a lot of other aspects of the characters that werent shown here. Now, ill be honest, I wasnt aiming to be 100% generic and original. I just want them to entertain. And yes, I tend to get lazy with animation, of which I will try and improve in the future. I can draw people and figures fine, it's just when I draw them with a mouse that I have problems. Thank you for being honest though.

a little bit of practice

is like a visual cover of irugashi!, just improve your animaion skills and done

Supersonic64 responds:

HIGURASHI FTW! lol Ya I know, I get lazy a lot. Ill try not to in the future.

looks promising

it looks very good and the intro seemed very anime-ish

Supersonic64 responds:

Sweet! Thats what I was goin for! Thanks!