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I think this game came out really good :) I personally like it very much, it's smooth, fast and the graphics look great but...I'll leave the critism to you. Enjoy!

1. Move your mouse to aim.
2. Click and hold to power up.
3. Release to shoot.
4. Pop the required number of each balloon.


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Nice game, but too easy

Nice graphics, nice sound, nice concept. Overall a good game but what i didnt like that there wasnt any difficulty. I stopped somewhere at level 15 because it didnt become harder in any way and up until then I did every level with the first try.
Anyway, I'd say this game is more suited for kids who do something like this the first time ;)

Original Idea but needs development

If i had to nitpick at anything, it would be that the game overall is a little too easy. Too many waves had nothing more than open piles of balloons to shoot. I would have liked to see more interesting patterns of blocks and death balloons and such.
You also start out with way too many arrows, only allow the player as many shots as he would need to get all the balloons, that would instantly make your game more of a challenge, and ultimately make it a much better game.
That being said, this was a genuinely fun game to play, which made it easy to ignore thinking too much about what could have been improved. You have a fun, simple concept that i enjoyed and for that i salute you :)

Kenney responds:

Great suggestions, thanks, I will keep this in mind next time :)

meh its been done before a million times over

interesting score counter, i wounder what kind of masocist millionair pays you to pop ballons with a crossbowcannon

Kenney responds:

Next time, instead of writing a witty comment try being helpful and describe why you didn't like the game. For now, I'll just assume you didn't like it because it was too hard for you.

Fun but short game

I really enjoyed this game but wanted so many more upgrades ;) hopefuly you make another one :)


Not that bad

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2010
10:29 AM EDT