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SENSE... this makes none

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to get why she is hitting a stick against a cup watch this - http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=i_5zvV0btCo

i... dont have anything to say about this :'D

song: blood sugar by Pendulum

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I don't know...

...if you typed the link wrong, or if the video has been deleted since then; but according to youtube, it doesn't exist.

Confused... i am very

I had written a two part review where in the first part I commented on how stupid all the previous reviewers (or at least the first three) and had actually made an analysis as to why I thought the reviews were stupid, but then I felt it would be easier if I shortened it to this:
All this talk about Microsoft Sam, non-original song, missing punchline, missing purpose, paying money to vote good, no final joke, and Monty Python have absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with this animation. This was a very short animation based on a very short clip of the song linked to in the author's comment.

Anyway, on to the second part of my original review:
1) I thought the animation was okay but I enjoy your work on da much more. 2) Was going to rate 10/10 to compensate for bad reviews but decided not to. 3) Point out that I don't care for the band or the song. 4) Give you a rating of 4/10 just because I don't see much of a point to this other than just because 5) argue that just because is a completely valid reason to do anything. 6) point out that the randomness and flashy colors did, in fact, entertain me for those 28 seconds 7) change my mind any rate 10/10 for the sake of argument #5


I know this has alot of bad rep, and as for "no effort" that's a lie. I see at LEAST some decent drawing in this, and oddly I found this to be quite funny....something about this makes a funny joke lol idk maybe it's just me. Usually im not easily impressed, but this is actually pretty decent for a short flash. At first I didn't think this would make me laugh, but it did. Alot of people just hate spam, but i think this is what spam was meant to be...besides the youtube poop videos lol.

No good.

This is an inside and there's no real punchline or purpose to it. Not only that, but your link to the youtube website doesn't exist, so your wasting ppls time. I hate it when bad movies that means nothing get on here some how. You must have a lot of ppl backing your junk up just because you payed them or something.

No ending.

Ok, for this to work, there has to be a 'final joke quote' from either the angy gay guy at the beginning, or from the female dancer. Watch any TV show, cartoon, movie.. read any comic book... look at any Flash game... and you will understand that for every lame Homestar line, there has to be a Strong Bad quote at the end, no matter how absurdist the sketch. Watch Monty Python if you need help designing nonsensical plots. Even if you have the guy go "Watch the you-tube video I saw" INSIDE your flash movie, (instead of in the Author's comments) that would work. Maybe.