Nursing Home Madness 2

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Well here it is, my (ex) girlfriend drew up the storyboard for this, (in church of all places) and I threw it together in Flash one evening. Fun time!

Edit: Daily 4th and frontpage! Thanks, Newgounds! That was unexpected!


Didn't I see this already?

If you compare the first one and this one, here's the major differences:

- Not getting surprised anymore when old man goes berserk since you see it coming
- Has more characters (Well, cop is basically the "agent" guy from first one and nurse is new.)
- No "easter-egg" (It was not planned in first one, yeah, but it was still cool)

Basically, it's alright to watch but it doesn't really surprise you like the first one does. What can I say... I simply think the first one was better.

Stuff to improve upon? Well the "point" in first one (at least what I think it was) was to surprise the viewer with the old man going berserk. You'd need something similar in order to make this one better.

Or, simply making old man do a long combo on the cop or so. :P

3/5, 7/10

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Rapheus responds:

I see your points, and in the event I make a third (I've already started) I'll definately take them into account. I like the idea of a combo, and yeah, after the first time Clancy going crazy is expected, and therefore less of a shock.

Lots of comments have suggested a longer animation where he escapes the home, butchering anyone in the process.

Once again, thank you for your studious attention to reviewership!


the old guy sure went bs crazy on that cop!!!!!!:D

Rapheus responds:

He just wants to watch his stories.


ese abuelo si es buro para matar

Rapheus responds:

Something about a donkey?


love the tv talk. also hardcore old man

Rapheus responds:

Don't want to cross him, he'll kill ya!


I love how all he wants to do is watch TV. And the random talk on the TV is even funnier.

Rapheus responds:

Random?? That's Dr. Rockzo! You show some respect! ;P

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2010
6:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original