Nursing Home Madness 2

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Well here it is, my (ex) girlfriend drew up the storyboard for this, (in church of all places) and I threw it together in Flash one evening. Fun time!

Edit: Daily 4th and frontpage! Thanks, Newgounds! That was unexpected!


hahahahaha nice!

hehehe really fun! and great animation but it was... too short n__ñU anyway it's a great job!

8/10 5/5

Rapheus responds:

It's kinda meant to be short in leiu of absurdly long animations.

Pretty good.

I think the people that are complaining about the length of the video aren't getting the joke. I laughed pretty good at it, and enjoyed that it was that short. It made it all that funnier.

Rapheus responds:

THANK YOU! Finally someone who realizes that comedy works best in brevity!

I liked it but...

It was good but madness is usually long. Just too short for my tastes

Rapheus responds:

Well then go watch a fan-made, obtusively long, nothing really happens in it Madness Toon. Not every animation on this site has to be twenty minutes, you know.

unlike the actual madness series

you didnt have a long drawn out killing spree which any madness fan looks for, i will take 1 point off for that, besides the shortness this was alright and i really enjoy the metalocalypse clips on the TV

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Rapheus responds:

Thank you, and I've also made a series with a longer runtime if that's what you're looking for.

uhg hahahahahha

dont fuck with the TV XD

Rapheus responds:

And if you do, you gonna get your head bisected!

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2010
6:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original