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Aliens in the garden

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Author Comments

UPDATE 09/01:
- Fix the bug on level 10.

UPDATE 08/31:
1:Player can bring soul balls from one level to next level.
2:Increased the difficulty of Level 17 and Level 18.
3:Removed Invisible bugs before radar fighter come out.
4:Removed flying bugs before floater fighter come out.
5:Increased the speed of collector fighter.

20 Levels
10 Kinds of bugs
9 Kinds of fighter
Upgrade fighter with soul balls

Hope you will appreciate one of my first game.

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Nice animation, but this must be the 1000st version of this strategy game, and it's rather boring and uninspired. Sorry.


I beat the infamous lvl 10 but I just can't ignore the fact that the fighters even when maxed out go back to a lower lvl. The poison fighter is useless compared to the freezer. The game mostly makes you switch from top of screen to bottom since one fighter can't take out a squad by himself.

Bugs (get it?)

Well, if this is truly one of your first games: very nice job! Although there are some bugs, like the negative souls thing. It started on lvl 10, and got progressively worse, until I got to lvl 16, where it was impossible to win, because I started out with -193 souls, and I needed 20 to complete the mission...

UNTIL! I found a solution! If you play a mission, until the end, and inevitably lose, you keep all of your souls if you go back to main menu after you lost, and reload the entire page. (just reloading the page might also work, didn't test it.)
(Does replaying finished missions give you souls the same way as-well?)

Also, the bugs that come out of the ground, sometimes have a nasty habit of spawning right in front of the sensors you have to protect, or your ship. So by the time your fighter(s) gets there, you've only got a few sensors left or they got into the ship... Which is annoying.

Anyway, apart from that, this is a really nice game, I really enjoyed it, although I wasn't able to upgrade my fighters after lvl 10... Which leads me to think this game might be a little easy. But it's still very enjoyable.

Lv 10

As below stated, that Level is the only real bane to this game, for some reason it would not let me spend the 70 orbs I had, and it just drained them away, with a bunch of lv 2 ships there is no way I could take on all those purple bugs.

KrogothCN responds:

Bug has been fix, sorry for that

What's with the negative soulballs?

Great game but why were the soulballs suddenly negative on a number of levels? Was the idea that they were to pay for the upgrades that all the ships were getting? Very annoying but other than that one of my favorite games!

KrogothCN responds:

Bug has been fix, sorry for that