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Arcuz is an Action Role Play Game (Like Zelda or Diablo). You fight with the monsters, train your hero, learn skills, search better weapons and equipments, compose new items using your creativity...and more! Don't be addicted! You got 18 different maps to discover, 25 quests to accomplish, 21 battle skills to learn, more than 10 types of monsters to kill, more than 100 weapons and gears to choose, and unlimited possibility of composition...Those are not all. We translated this game into 7 languages so half of the whole world can enjoy it! Hope Arcuz could bring you a lot of fun!

WASD: Move
J: Attack/Talk with NPC/Accept
K: Jump/Cancel
I&L: Activate Battle Skill. You can put 4 battle skills on the skill slots on the bottom of the game screen and press I/L to use the skills. You level up and add ability point to one of your skills. Then you click one of the skills on the SKILL panel and put it on the skill slot. You can only put active skills to the skill slots (not passive skills).
1/2/3: Use potions and town portal. Click the potions and scrolls in your inventory and put them on the potion slots on the bottom of the game screen. Then you can use the potions and scrolls by pressing key 1/2/3.
C/V/B/N/M/,/ESC: hotkeys for Char, Skill, Quest, Inventory, Map and Menu.

We are using MochiGames API because we want our players be able to save and load the game on any computer. As flash can only perform local saving. This is a technical issue.

MochiCoins is an optional choice for those who lack time to play this game and want to level up quicker. Without paying a cent you can enjoy the game a lot. We developers have to earn our livings by making games.

Thanks to all of you, Nice NG players!


best flash game i've ever played

i'm still confused as to how you pulled it off. i played this game about 5 or 6 months ago on a different site and ended up spending 20+ hours on it. had an insane amount of fun with it with the leveling, killing monsters, gaining new skills and attacks. i'm sure it's getting a lot of comparisons to diablo, which is obvious i'm sure as it was probably a major influence to the creation of this game. only thing i would say is, try and add more skills to the skill trees. maybe some magic based attacks, i'm sure that's why magic wave was put there, to be a pseudo magic attack. some healing abilities would be nice so there isn't a constant need for potions.

anyway...looking forward to an update or a sequel. are you working on a sequel? i'd like to see more weapons and armor if there is an update/sequel. maybe some spears or a katana. choice of 3 character classes would be awesome.. but i know that's probably asking a lot for a flash game. if you are working on a sequel, is there a release date you're shooting for? and is there a way that we can continue from our current experience level so we don't have to start at level 1 again? in other words, is there a way to carry over stats to the next game?

well.. loved the hell out of this game, couldn't get enough of it. a new game plus would be really nice as well, after completing the game, so we can continue with our current level from the beginning with all of our weapons, armor, and items but on a harder difficulty.

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Actually, money making is simple


At first I would have agreed with you, but after I tried out the 'Drop Rate' stat I found out that the author actually made making money extremely easy. Just stack the drop rate stat on everything you can, as soon as you can. You won't notice a huge difference between +0 and +5 drop rate, but the stat itself increases the drop rate of treasure chests and gold A LOT. I'm level 12 with about +35 drop rate now, and all I have to do is run the first area, green/yellow slimes and the lvl 3 wolves, and I'll have a full inventory worth about 1k-2k gold.

As for grinding, well, it IS quite similar to Diablo, and Diablo was a grind as well. Just pump up a lot of Agility to increase your defense, this will dramatically increase your survivability. Damage? Health? Crit Rate? None of those matter if, like you said, you get 1 hit-ko. Defense/Damage is the best stat build here. Go 3:2 or 4:1 from the start, and you'll be fine.

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Great gameplay. Medicore planning.

The subject line above says it all. This submission was clearly created by a skilled programmer with an affinity for classic, Diablo-style RPGs. The gameplay is smooth and superb, as you navigate your character through a 3D world, running, jumping, and slashing various enemies into submission, putting numerous items and special attacks to use.

Where the game falls short is planning. The game is excellently programmed, but really poorly designed. After getting an hour or two into the game, you reach a point where you simply can't continue with the storyline unless you grind your way to an insanely higher level. You've done all of the quests provided to you. You've bought the best items you can afford. You're ready to get on with the game. But you can't. Because the next area you have to go to has enemies that kill you in one hit. So you sit around killing hundreds of the same enemy over and over again. With each level you gain, you require exponentially more experience points, slowing your progress. Plus, to encourage you to move along, with each level you gain, you get progressively less experience points from the easier enemies you've been grinding against. So you get squeezed on both ends. But you still can't get on with the game because the enemies in the next area over still kill you in one hit. So you spend four times as long as it took you to gain your last level doing it again. And again. And again.

Maybe if you could buy better items, you'd have an easier time. But good items cost you hundreds, even thousands of those precious coins, and the only way to get these coins is to...you guessed it...grind for them. Randomly, a dead enemy might drop a whopping 11-30 coins, or something you can sell for a piddly sum.

But whatever you do, don't get frustrated, bored, and try your hand at a harder area. Because if you die, you lose a chunk of money and a chunk of experience points, setting you way back. And if you get hurt, the only way to recover your health is to buy healing potions, which cost money, which means more grinding.

Piles of potential, but the design needs a good look. The numbers need tweaking, or there need to be more intermediate activities to keep you busy while you advance, or there needs to be a smoother difficulty gradient. Something to make the game more of a game and less of a grind.

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Really Good Stuff

Nothing more to say, and i've been looking at lots of reviews, and heck, people complain way too much.

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good game but some time around lvl 9 i dont know what happend i couldnt run anymore. i didnt have very much in my inventory either

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Aug 31, 2010
2:31 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG