Dino Jeff Jet Pack Adven

August 30, 2010 –
June 28, 2019
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Full - Dino Jeff Jet Pack Adventure - but what's there will do.

I've been awake all night and I'm up at 6:00am (Australia) to submit this. Been spending a large number of hours on this over the past week. Quite a few late nights like this one. This is the second in the "Dino Jeff" series. But nothing at all like the first. You'll like me for that.

This is taking all I've learnt about scripting and putting it all into one game. Was fun to make (although sometimes frustrating for reasons I'll post on the PabMo blog tomorrow - right click in-game and it's there). Music is from the audio portal. Was a last minute addition so the credit's not in the game but the link will be over there <<

Controls are in the game as well as an explanation of the game - but still... It's just the arrows to move. Standard. Still looking for users to collaborate with on these games. PM if interested.

Max score possible = 20 200
Score needed to win = 10 100

From PabMo.

UPDATE: The double missile launcher part is easier now.
UPDATE 2: Mouse no longer required (apart from the PLAY on loading screen). Space to restart.
UPDATE 3: Death screen message changed to something more sensible.
UPDATE 4: Front page! Endless thanks! <3
UPDATE 5: Challenge level decreased AGAIN. I no longer think it's difficult. Had a lot of complaints.


Fun and challenging

Other than the obvious intended challenge I've found one thing that makes this game very hard: looking at the dino's face. It's absolutely hilarious and until I finally got used to it I could barely make it past the first set of rockets.
Fun game, classic gameplay, hilarious premise. Favorited.

<deleted> responds:

Woah! Thanks so much for all the support! Yes! His expression shows that he's quite excited to be alive and jet-packing around. I'm glad it was found fun and amusing.

Also thanks for the great score/fav. From PabMo.

Good job!

Sort of irritating how, if you so much as tap an object with your pinky toe, you die...
and that you can move the character before the screen is framed on him..
But all in all, great job!

<deleted> responds:

Good points and noted. Not sure how to stop him from moving until the screen is on him but I can figure it out next time. Thanks for the awesome score.

Pretty Nice

Hard, but creative. BTW, cool sound effects! :^)

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! This review makes the operation I just had seem less painful. You're too kind! From PabMo.


Its dinosaurs.......with jetpacks. That is all.

<deleted> responds:

Good combination? Thanks for the 10!


Intense shit man. Good game.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks man.

Good game

could use checkpoints..........

<deleted> responds:

It's not a long game. Thanks for the 10!


BUT WHY NO CHECKPOINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<deleted> responds:

I'll look into it for the next one.

it was good.

thats all i have to say is good i like the dino though :p

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the great score! Yeah he's alright.

Good Job

I have had fun playing.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! And that's great!


-The game was definitely fun but even more difficult. There were a few times where I was really frustrated playing. I didn't have a problem with the rockets but I had huge issues with the portal things that sucked you in. Sometimes I would touch it with the tip of my foot and instantly I would have to start over. It would of been better if it pulled you instead of being instant death.

-As a whole the game is a lot better than the previous Dino Jeff game that you made. More gameplay involved and a new interesting concept of a dino in space. Difficult games are definitely better than games that you can run through in a minute or two so what you have here took me about 20 minutes suprisingly. Would of been less with a checkpoint but one isn't needed.

-Still nice art and color scheme. I loved the background and it wasn't a distraction at all while making precise jetpack moves. Music did get a little repetitive over time but it would be hard to pick something that fit this and didn't repeat.

-Review Request Club

<deleted> responds:

I've made the portals easier to avoid in an updated version but I guess it's still waiting to be approved. Having the portals draw you in (gravity?) is a good idea, and I'll attempt to figure out how to do that for the next one.

I didn't think a checkpoint was needed either. You realise it's not long when you complete it. Thanks for all the compliments concerning the art and everything. Although if I can I'll get someone better to do the art next time. Also thanks for the review/awesome score!

From PabMo.

It was interesting

I really liked the game, colorful, and the music was really fun. Like the guy below me said, A health bar would've been nice, and check points, we're going to want them if this game is going to be challenging.

Well I'm done to this review, I'm going to go back to try and beat this game! Good Job Brother.

<deleted> responds:

Haha. Thanks. Yeah keep at it. You'll get the hang of it.

Show's promise to me.

It was short and alittle annoying. But honestly, if you keep at it im sure you can turn this into something awesome. Maybe a health bar(Like a Zelda Heart system kinda thing) That way recovery zones have a point. If you make a longer version definetly make checkpoints, as for right now it was fine.

Uh yeah anyway thats all I got. 3/5 from me.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks. Good points. I'll remember them for the next game.

kinda hard

and how do I use the recovery zones...I though they are checkpoints or some kind of save...but whenever I die I start from the beginning

<deleted> responds:

I've explained them a few times in other reviews. Read them. Thanks.

I only seem to be able to get 10200

How do you get 20200 score?

<deleted> responds:

There's a hidden super coin worth 10,000 points. You can still win the game without it. What's the reason for scoring 6? Fair score, just wondering where that number came from.

its alright

lol what a small screen size.. not my style, but good effort.

<deleted> responds:

Small screen size is bad? Thanks pal.



<deleted> responds:



The game was alright i did find it hard, what annoyed me was i got far and when i died i just went back to the beginning for a game this hard you should of added checkpoints at least other then that the game was fine.

<deleted> responds:

When you complete the game you realise it's not long (I was afraid it was too short) so checkpoints don't seem necessary until I make a longer version. Plus I'm not sure how to make checkpoints just now. Thanks for having a go though.


The game is pretty difficult (which is due mainly to the poor hitboxes), but once you memorize where everything is, the game gradually becomes easier. For those who don't know what the recovery zones do, they do what they sound like you do. Say you get hit or sucked into the black hole; if you make Dino Jeff land in the zone before having to restart you'll be resurrected as if nothing happened.

<deleted> responds:

I was careful with the hit areas but I suppose I made it too difficult (I'm guessing you're referring to the black holes at the beginning?) I'm glad you understood the recovery zones and hope others read this before questioning. It's kind of a trial and error, skill game. Thanks for playing and giving such a high score! From PabMo.

Ok, this is alright-HOLY CRAP MISSLES!

You get an 8 for effort and catchy song that might get annoying later on, but I didn't play that long so it didn't bug me. Also it seems like some work went into this so you do deserve credit.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks man. Yeah a lot of late nights and sore eyes. What was the reason for giving up so soon? Also thanks for the high score!

What a great skill game!

This game is actually quite fun and the challenge. Although it is a bit buggy around the
black holes, fix it, but overall this is a great and challenging game.

<deleted> responds:

I'll move them further from the first obstacle (crushers) and move them slightly further apart. Would this solve the issue? Thanks for the great score!

I can appreciate hard games

But when the difficulty is because of poorly-made hit boxes, I stop caring. It's a sound game, but you really need to fix the hit detection. I always seem to get hit by things I am not in contact with, and sometimes I brush against hazards but do not get hit.

<deleted> responds:

I made sure the hit area was reasonable for the black holes. Would moving the black holes further from the first obstacle help? What do you get hit by that you're not in contact with?

Recovery Zone?

I don't really get what the recovery zone is for, since I don't have Life or something like that. I die when anything touches me. Pretty hard game, even the first obstacle is not made for beginners. But it's ok to waste some time.

<deleted> responds:

As I've explained, there's a short delay before you die after running into an obstacle. So if you make it to the recover zone in time, you survive. I'll reconsider the first obstacle because it might be the reason for the low rating. Thanks for the good score! From PabMo.


I can see this being just a single level in a more plot-driven adventure game of a much bigger scale. The single level wasn't enough! Once you get used to it this is a great game!

Also, a speed run medal would also be a great addition and add to the replay value.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm kind of excited to get started on the next one now.

A timer is a good idea for the next one if I figure out how to do it.

If I make the second plot-driven like a few users have mentioned, I'd be sure to have at least 5 (?) levels and I'd try and find someone to animate the cut scenes.

But if not it'll just be randomly generated obstacles with competition for a high score (I'd add lots of different obstacles/coins/valuables). Which would still be fun? I hope.


At first, I was really irritated by this game, cuz it was just too easy to die and there were no checkpoints, but after I learned every obstacle I finished it the first time (with also getting the 'Super-coin' medal) it got a bit easier. Soooo.. now 1 day later, I got the all coin medal on first try. This game just takes a lot of practice! It's actually pretty nice. The graphics are good for a small and simple game (Usually in my exp these type of games are 8-bit), the music didn't annoy me, which is rare for a loop song, btw. it reminded me of the song - 'Let's get physical, physical'.. :D Forgot the actual name of the song.... Anyway.. Got sidetracked. Sorry.
Overall the game was pretty good and it's nice to see a fellow medal's collector make one! :)

<deleted> responds:

The first impression is important, so hearing it's irritating at the beginning because of the difficulty, helps me make it better next time. Yeah I've told everyone who plays, "you'll get the hang of it".

I didn't notice it sounded like that song but now that you mention it, I can hear the resemblance too!

Medal collecting was initially the number 1 thing I wanted to do on NG but now it's kinda hard to keep up with so many new medals being added all the time. Sitting at the computer focusing on the game really hurts my eyes so I have to take long breaks. You're quite the collector!

Thanks for the good score. From PabMo.

Addicting although hard

What I liked in this game, was your dedication to this, if you just copy and pasted the codes, I'll be negative with you, but if you did this by yourself, you really should be proud, because gravity and collision trigger functions are not so easy, and I can say that because I am a programmer, so this was point was good, the score system was ok, a hint, if you don't like the selectable dynamic text, click in your text field and next to 'Var', you will see something like 'Aa', just press this =), ok backing here: the enemy functions also were pretty good, the only problem is that is pretty hard, was hardcore go through the small places beetween these kinds of black-star holes and the missile launchers machine, you should give it some easy in the beginning and turn it more hard according with the gameplay.

The art was a nice thing, I liked the pixelled details and the background, I also liked the enemy details, to be honest, I liked everything from the art, I mean, I can't say nothing wrong about it. Nice job!

A really cool thing you could do is place a checkpoint trigger (or something like an autosave) or do as Coop83 said, do it with lives, it would be easily, because if you're in the end of the level and suddenly you hit some enemy, you need to back everything.

You should be proud of your all-night work, I really liked this game, you just need to fix some really hard difficult and do some checkpoints, the art was O.K.

Thanks for let me play this piece!

Vote 4
3.26 / 5.00 (+ 0.0049)
Score: 7/10
"Addicting although hard"


~Review Request Club~

<deleted> responds:

It hasn't been long since I started learning to code simple flash games such as this, so of course I've used a few tutorials to understand how the code works. But 90% of the code I wrote and believe me - I've spent hours writing it. I didn't know the text was selectable but I agree it's a mess if this is true. Thanks for the tip.

All of the artwork was done on a laptop touch pad, which is quite awkward to do. Thanks for the compliment! :)

Yes I'm considering lives or a health bar for the next one. Also thanks for the good vote and score. Look out for the next one!

From PabMo.

Good fun, but a little tough

A nice change to the original game, this is easier to control, however there is a little difficulty with the physics of the engine here. As you drop, due to the natural gravity, the gap between the two first black holes is a little difficult to negotiate for a beginner. I did get through it for the sake of the review, but didn't get much further.

Dodging my way past racks of missiles and the black holes was difficult, but not impossible, by any stretch of the imagination. I'd like to see you take this further, by adding a plot to it and some cut-scenes, that could pad out between the levels. Now you're looking at setting up some sort of flash game for the pre-teen market, with the gimmicky dragon / dinosaur character, without impinging upon Nintendo's Yoshi franchise.

I think that the other thing I could recommend is a number of lives (3), ways to earn more and places where you can raise flags to respawn there if you die. These things would certainly help to prepare you for the above avenue.

Good progress, but there's still further to go - keep up the good work.

[Review Request Club]

<deleted> responds:

I'll see if I can change the restart from having to click on the button to just pressing space, to make it even easier to control; I realised after I finished. I intended for the game to be challenging.

I'll make more room between the first two black holes. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess it might put people off from the beginning. You didn't win?

The double missile launcher part was in fact more difficult on first release. Can't make it much easier.

I am indeed planning a second, and the ideas you mentioned have made me think. You see originally for the sequel I wanted the obstacles (and coins) randomly generated so users could compete for high scores. But having a plot/levels/cut scenes wouldn't be possible if I were to do this. I like the idea of a plot and cut scenes (I'd get someone else to animate of course).

Lives or a health bar is a good idea. If I can figure it out I'll add that. Maybe save it for the second. You mentioned "earn more" so I guess I could have more valuable items? Rare ones.

Please respond via PM telling me which (random or plot) would be better. Thanks for the bunch of ideas. Reviews like this are very useful for beginner developers like me.

From PabMo.

Great game!

My only change would be to have the black holes give you a few more pixels of space before you start getting sucked up. Everything else is fine.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks so much! I'll see how giving the character more space works out. And thanks for the score :)


but not perfect it needs some adjustments

<deleted> responds:

Thanks. Such as? I was aiming for challenging.


I must be missing something. Why is there a zone to 'recover' presumably health in when everything kills you in one hit?

I liked the way the game looked and the concept of the game. But the actual gameplay felt lacking. I played for a short while and didn't bother to continue, it just wasn't that fun. The level of challenge was ok, but you lost me on pointless recovery zones. If the game is one hit kill fine, no point in pretending it is anything else.

7/10 and 3/5 because otherwise the game was well made.

<deleted> responds:

There's brief delay before death occurs. If you hit the recover zone in time while you're spinning out you can be saved. I wouldn't put something pointless in the game but I acknowledge this is confusing. Having health in this would make it much too simple. You end up winning though?

Thanks for the great score and ok rating! From PabMo.


Kinda of fun, my two main complains are that i can't hit a keyboard key to restart the game (have to keep reaching for my mouse), and the screen scroll each time i start the game again get a little annoying after a time.

<deleted> responds:

If those are the only two complaints you have. That's not bad! Yeah a keyboard restart would be a good idea. I'll look into it. I thought the screen scroll was awesome. Don't know how to make it happen just once though? I think you need to see it at least three times but I understand how it could be annoying after a while. Thanks for the decent score! From PabMo.

Not terrible, but not great.

There is a difference between difficult games, and games that are difficult because the game isn't programed as well as it could be. The concept is great, who doesn't love a jet pack dino, but the hit box needs some work. When I'm getting killed by a rocket that missed me, it's kinda annoying.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks. Don't give up just because it's difficult. I'm well aware of how difficult it is to hover between the two sets of rockets. Just takes a couple turns (depending on skill level). I could have changed it but it makes the game more challenging. Again. Don't give up. You win?


This game is not crap, but it's not great either. It's still a fun game, though. I think it passes Newground's standards.

<deleted> responds:

I'm glad it does. Thanks man. You win?

Nice game but.....


<deleted> responds:

haha There's been a few issues. The animator has dropped out and passed it onto another. Not sure if he'll want to do it though. I hope to have it released before 2012? haha. The script's been done for months. Thanks for the score!


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3.53 / 5.00