Cloud Control

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Stratus 10 Points

Solve 5 puzzles.

Altocumulus 25 Points

Solve 10 puzzles.

Cirrus 50 Points

Reach the ending.

Author Comments

You are a cloud. Clouds don't care about anything.

This is a precision puzzle game: touch each blue cloud to assimilate them, then move together until the sky is yours. Don't try to leave the screen or touch storm clouds.

Move your cloud mass with the arrow keys, and click the arrow in the top-left to return to the level select screen.

Pay no attention to the world below.


i'm bored

Yeah I don't like the music that much, lame! But the medals is what I care about. But there should be more of them.

A Nice little game

At first I was getting pretty frustrated. These little bastard clouds show no mercy. If you touch the edge of the screen or hit a raincloud, you're FUCKED. Start over again, sucka. Well, just when I was about to say fuck it and write a review about how the game was too hard, I actually ended up pulling it off. I beat the whole game, and got to watch the cool little ending video :D All in all, I'd say it's not a bad game. It is what it is, a peaceful calming game of clouds trying to avoid the edges of the screen and rainclouds. The sounds I hated at first, but looking back the music and sound effects go well with the game. The precision necessary (using a keyboard) is a tad absurd, but it's nothing anybody can't get used to with a little toying around. Yes, most of the levels require a bit of thought and trial and error, and you will probably want to say fuck this game a few times, but eventually you can figure it out with a bit of thought. The only tip I can think to give anybody playing now reading my review is to time the clouds. If haven't noticed yet, all clouds slowly move up and down. This timing is important for precision maneuvering. You need to time the clouds so they fall just in line to make a neat line, or box, whatever you need for the level. Sloppily ordered clouds won't get you very far. Towards the end levels if I managed to get a sloppy lineup, I'd just hit a raincloud on purpose and start over because there's just no point in continuing with sloppy form. All in all, it was a good game and fun experience. I enjoyed beating it ;) Things to improve on? Meh, maybe you can get creative with a sequel, but I'd say it's good as it is. It is what it is - cloud control. You're a cloud...clouds don't care about anything :D 10/10 for a graphically pleasing interesting and challenging game!

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i like the graphics but not the game


Good, but require way too much precision movements and picking up of clouds.

Who new clouds have such fun?

Great game. Such a simple concept, yet each level requires planning and precise movements. I love the challenge, and it's nice that higher levels introduce more challenging game. It keeps it from becoming monotonous.

My only gripe is the cloud animation makes it difficult to tell where the edges are. Sometimes it would seem as if there were plenty of room, yet I still get snagged. Likewise, sometimes the bottom of my cloud formation is brushing the tops of the thunderclouds.

Well done sir.

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3.58 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2010
12:39 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 4th Place August 31, 2010