Cloud Control

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Stratus 10 Points

Solve 5 puzzles.

Altocumulus 25 Points

Solve 10 puzzles.

Cirrus 50 Points

Reach the ending.

Author Comments

You are a cloud. Clouds don't care about anything.

This is a precision puzzle game: touch each blue cloud to assimilate them, then move together until the sky is yours. Don't try to leave the screen or touch storm clouds.

Move your cloud mass with the arrow keys, and click the arrow in the top-left to return to the level select screen.

Pay no attention to the world below.



I like the idea, but a few things ruined it for me. It takes too long to load and I cant touch the sides.

Seriously, the fucking sides, what the fuck. Is there some kind of hidden tactic there? If i hit just the right part, will I instantly beat the game or some shit? I nearly hemoraged when I learned I couldn't touch THE FUCKING SIDES

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at some point stops being amusing

good work, love the tipe of graphic that you use in this game... but ahm... it becomes lame at level 9 and I actually lost interest...

a bad combination

annoying AND boring. i'm really trying to understand what you were going for, i mean i've seen a lot of mediocre games saved by a good story, or a big statement, but as far as i can tell this game has neither, so i'm a cloud...

the gameplay is just... wow. it might not have been so bad if you moved faster but you justify that later by making me move millimeter by millimeter just to get that next cloud. and annoying! more then a few times i had a bunch of my time wasted, trying to make my cloud mass perfect, only to slip the finger and have it ruined.

yes i know this is precision gameplay, but it's still REALLY bad. why? because it is, maybe it's not a gameplay trait worth persuing, or maybe you need some variety, or maybe you need SOME kind of gimmick to make this game in the least bit interesting, the nifty backgrounds just don't cut it.

but i'm being really hard, this is why you get a 4/10, even though the weird music gets a teensy bit repetitive, it is pretty appropriate for this game. it split both ways, on one side it's calming and ambient, like the gameplay, but on the other hand it has this ominous presence as though something really big is on the way, which appropriately IT IS!

and i do like the art style, say what you will about the game itself, the art is neat, i've always had a soft spot for the 8-bit retro look, and i will admit the backgrounds do look pretty cool.

so bottom line, this game isn't bad enough to make me hate your guts, i'm interested to see what else you do. so keep up the... work, and i hope your next attempt is a bit more ambitious then this.

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Challenging and Arty

A simple concept but you took it and found a lot complex ways to do it. Trust me it was HARD. and it wasn't till level 6 i noticed the war. My main two gripes were the controls and the impreciseness of the movement. I could clearly see the way through a puzzle but a cloud wasn't centered properly and i would have to start over again.

Now the story was good.

At first i thought the clouds were peaceful and don't care about the world but when i thought about it more i think the clouds stand for people trying to obtain peace and the thunderheads the warmongers. They won't budge and if you get to close you're resolve is dead. In the end peace, of a kind is achieved covering up history but it's still known that it's still there.

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Challenging for sure

Well i finnaly beat it. just check my profile to confirm it :3

Now for the review dun dun dun!

You say don't look at the background but i did. There was a war going on </3
I don't think the music was terrible but it was an insult to use light-hearted heavenly music to portray a war.
I was a little angry that the number of clouds you control kept increasing up to 3 but nothing prepared me for the lvls where you control a thundercloud. W.. T.. F.....
Then you tick me off further by awarding us with the sorriest, half-assed ending that took no effort to include. Wow a whole 4 scenes of tanks and destroyed buildings.
I can rest easy now... Oh wait no I can't because just like the Nes you took my free time away with no remorse and/or compensation.

You get a 3 for a playable game and hard as F puzzles that made me feel smart kinda and finally original work.

P.S. I hate this game and I really dislike everyone who helped make this.

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Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2010
12:39 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 4th Place August 31, 2010