Cloud Control

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Stratus 10 Points

Solve 5 puzzles.

Altocumulus 25 Points

Solve 10 puzzles.

Cirrus 50 Points

Reach the ending.

Author Comments

You are a cloud. Clouds don't care about anything.

This is a precision puzzle game: touch each blue cloud to assimilate them, then move together until the sky is yours. Don't try to leave the screen or touch storm clouds.

Move your cloud mass with the arrow keys, and click the arrow in the top-left to return to the level select screen.

Pay no attention to the world below.


Just needs one change for perfection.

The clouds need to be moved on a grid. That's all. Scratch the millimeter fuckup stress, and it could move faster, too. Could spend more time solving puzzles and taking in the game as a whole and less on terrible frustration.

Seriously, I'd really like a response to this. Why wasn't everything put on a grid? It seems so obvious to me that I think it had to be a design decision not to do it. Was terrible frustration a goal?

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Very Interesting

This game was a very annoying game, since the puzzles were sometimes frustrating and the cloud control was to slow at times. However, a good puzzle game is a hard puzzle game and I liked the difficulty of it. It wasnt to hard, but it was hard enough to have me working at it for two hours or so.

Good job on the experimental gameplay, I enjoyed the meaning behind it as well as the pixel like graphics in the background. The world turned from a bright, lubricant world, into a snow covered wasteland ridden by war. I wished you would have pushed forth more effort into the background scenes such as people running on fire, cars exploding, and more chaos rather than just a few red lights and grey smoke here and there.

On your next experimental like games, try focusing more graphical effort into the symbolism of it, such as what I described above, and make sure the controls are not to slow, nor to fast.

God damn that was addicting though. I got all the way through. Woopee :P

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Can't stop... must see ending

I'll admit the game's a little frustrating and the music can be a little distracting (especially when I keep dying and it starts over and over) But it can be muted (seriously people. Click the little music button in the top corner. Not that hard to figure out) As for the puzzles themselves, they take a bit of thought to figure out. Level 9 took me a little bit to figure out and 10 was pretty easy once I figured out that my cloud kept getting stuff added to it from the tower in the middle. As I write this on my level 11 and now I'm just stumped. Just when I think I know where to go, I get blocked by a rain cloud or the side of the screen. But I'm so curious to see what the ending is and I'm so close I'm going to keep trying.

All and all, I think this is an addicting albeit frustrating puzzle game that'll keep me hooked until I see the ending... and then I'll probably never play it again. >.>

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One of the best games on newgrounds

These people do not seem to understand the true value of this game. The carefree attitude of the clouds along with the destruction of war sends a very powerful message. The music tied into the game perfectly. I applaud this beautiful work of art. Keep up the good job. 10/10

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I need the mp3 for this song dude. For so many reasons. Right now as i type this i am just letting the game run on so i can listen to it over and over. I need more eeeeee!

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Radix responds:

Google Magister Perotinus, bro.

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3.58 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2010
12:39 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 4th Place August 31, 2010