one level game

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use your arrows to move
um........thanks for playing
sorry i cant stop the music....

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This Game is 4W3ZUM ZOMGLOL FTW 1337

this game is an awesome start for ya negrix00 AKA Salutes Andres im from Mexico Hermosillo


Only the ninja can pick up coins? i keep falling through the ground, and this game is just pointless. Awesome animations though.


that is the most wack game ive ever played XD
but its funny... lol fat...
nice job...
no joke

Negrix00 responds:


Ok, definately not a 10

Im gonna be honest with you, I am not saying I cand do better, but you have some experience, First, it did not had any sense, when you die with the green spine, you apeared in the "play Again" screen wich didnt appear when you falled down, the game is glitched, you could not even get the "coins" unlees you were the ninja, It´s a good start but please, fix this, also the character movement was glitched, and also didnt have any sense, but good work as this being your first game, keep practicing and good luck :D

Negrix00 responds:

Ok thanks :D

For a first its a good start.

In terms of being your first jump into flash game creation it isnt all that bad, though it could use improvement you took the first step.

Keep on plucking away, for the more practice you gets the more you will improve.

Credits & Info

2.44 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2010
1:48 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle