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This is a quick little game I made that uses a (hopefully) unique concept of a rotating, mouse-controlled game. You must collect matching colors, so Red->Red, Blue->Blue, etc. and you cannot collect a different color. On easy, it is extremely simple, and you have 2 collectors; Normal you get 3; Hard, 4.
This is my favorite game I've made, and it was great to see it get sponsored, so hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I do. :)



Nice concept!

Nice to see you on here :) I recognized the name on the front page, but I don't think I'd actually seen the game before... perhaps I just read it from you somewhere.

It's an interesting concept for a minigame - simple and easy to grasp immediately, but quite unique - and a very difficult one especially on Hard. I can't imagine how you got up to 5,600! The reviews before mine have good ideas about being able to control the spine - having a slow spin and being able to hold down a mouse button to spin faster (or to reverse the direction of the spin) might increase the skill of it a bit.

Also, I know I go on about this every time, but it's important to me - think of the colourblind :) The colours you chose for this game aren't too bad (though the green and red are quite difficult to tell apart), but some sort of secondary identification, like making them slightly different shapes depending on the colour, would always be helpful.

Nice Game

Nice game. And i have 2nd place in Easy ^^ 12700 points ^^
3/5, 6/10


As it is it's quite challenging, when you lack the ability to control the spin of your pickup; perhaps adding a way to do so would improve the game and make it a little more skill-based? Just a thought. :)

nice idea, has potential.

fun, and potentially addictive, but frustrating waiting for the colector colors to spin and its too hard to sync that up. It would be much more engaging of a game if i could control the speed and direction of the spin, with some arrow keys or something. That way you can move around & position yourself, and the game of eat or be eaten becomes less about timing and more about surviving. \

unfortunately, with its current setup my high score on medium is only 700. And so I lack the patience to continue playing. Keep practicing, you'll get a hit one day!


nice, pretty fun challenging game

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Aug 29, 2010
12:52 PM EDT
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