The Laser Gun

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EDIT: Iwill not be resubmittinng this with audio because my computer crashed and I lost the FLA

This is my first serious Flash Animation. Took me like 10 hours total. I just started learning flash 9 days ago and I think this video's pretty good considering how much I've learned in the animation class at school I'm taking. There is NO AUDIO because I don't know how to add it yet. However, I plan to resubmit this with audio when I know how to add it.



rules i never watched it but what ever


I think it would be better to get some sounds on it.
The animation is pretty good, for a first serious one! Keep improving yourself, so that you can become a great animator!

See ya'

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I thought that was enjoyable, just try to add some audio even if its just some sound effects it doesn't really have to be voice acting, its just something.

ToxMace responds:

I plan on just adding sound effects and some music clips

What a gun

It's really cool to see the laser beam hit so many things. The biggest gripe I have is that there is no audio in it. Now, I can't really blame you for it because you do not know how to. I think that if you go to one of the many flash tutorials that are hanging around the site, you should find something that can help you. For something that took a pretty short time, this actually had a nice amount of detail in it. The stick figures kind of looked like the Rageguy series.

The best part was when the guns were vaporized and the two cowboys decided to make up. In terms of animation, I am also glad you showed that guy's head being destroyed. It makes me glad it didn't stop right there. You seem to have good potential for flash cartoons given the high ratings this submission got. Laser sounds shouldn't be that hard to find.


I almost laughed. Sound would be nice, though.

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ToxMace responds:

Sound makes the movie just that much better, I really need to learn fast

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4.42 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2010
8:46 PM EDT
Comedy - Original