Superhero Slayers 4

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**Edit:Thanks for the frontpage and daily award**
**And i know how much this animation is similar to some animes and I've been explaining since the 2nd episode. This series is never about originality in the first place.
I will be working on alot more original stuffs in the future so just keep a lookout. :) **

Superhero Slayers Reel 4

In this episode the focus is back on the Fantastic Four and the X-men.
The Superheroes will continue their battle against the unknown enemies.

This episode is kind of a continuation of the previous episode, which is too long so i cut them off and put it as an individual episode, Hence the short length and the fast pace.
It took me really long, mostly because of school and outside work. I'm so glad its now finally completed.
Although it is another build-up episode, but it is shorter and more compact than the previous one.
And sorry for the lack of plot progress, the lack of originality and change of style, since this project started out for me to practice my animation skills and technique, the style is therefore visibly different in each episode.

Thanks all the VAs for lending their voices.
Thanks D-mac and Shard for working with me on this project again.

I'll probably be working on more original projects from now on, so I'm really not sure how will the future of this series goes.
Hope you enjoy watching!



Very good work.

The animation style isn't my favorite. Some of the shots of the characters weren't proportionate and the lip syncing could use some work but the story and voice acting was superb. The biggest problem I have with most flash projects (when they have voices) is they do very little to find quality voice actors. Every word was believable and acted out perfectly. Awesome job on that front. All in all, very good work and I hope to see more.

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Lack of Originality? I don't think so....

The fact is, you are using something created to make something completely new. I've never heard of these villains before and if anyone cries lack of originality, well nothing is original...EVERYTHING has been done before at least once. Sure, it could be weirdly original but the fact is that you put your own spin on the superhero universe and that's just as original as making episodes about a floating cat head.

Nice style!

I really like your graphic style! It fits well to the typical superhero-cartoons that I know. Very well made.


funny as hell how they just watch and comment, like actual "pro" wrestling

why you do this

omg this one is so much better than the others D:

There's more and better action, great art, good voice acting, and now I want to see the end to every single conflict there. Oh god the suspense D:

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4.15 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2010
7:15 PM EDT