License to Combo: Revamp

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Edit: Thanks for the front page!

I decided to re-submit this with extra content. This is a collection of past stickman combos I've done, there should be quite a bit of variety to keep you entertained. Enjoy.


I've gotten a ton of comments on how it's always a "one sided fight" and how people don't enjoy that. I'm sorry but THIS MOVIE IS A DISPLAY OF FIGHTING COMBOS! It is not meant to be a fair fight, most of these were for a Combo Execution tournament held over at www.fluidanims.com. Please be considerate of this fact when you watch the movie. Thanks guys!

New movie coming soon.

*Recommend to Stick Collection if you'd like :)*



I personal think this was not really worth watching at all. The original song was way better. The extra clips were good but not jaw dropping as the first one had me. Really thought there was gonna be something special. Next time I will read the author comments. I'm not bashing just upset because I really like your style and art but this was really a let down. Was so excited too. =(

Nhazul responds:

Sorry you feel that way. I have another completely new movie I'm finishing up soon.

Pure fun!

I like your style in the fight scenes... nice to see a random bob/straight-punch exchange from boxing during all that craziness. It was a lot of fun to see these next to each other and it shows what a good hold on the idea of "anticipation before action" you have. Nice!


That was pure epicness! good job man... the title is good but based on the content i'd call it license to overkill! any way great animation.

So that scarf is magical...

That sort of concept makes one think. What if ordinary everyday objects were to give people power beyond any real control, what would the rest of us do, or would we all have powers. Such an idea is both terrifying and amazing, and I find myself wondering how objects could contain a way of transmitting powers. Today's scientists will have to drop all current projects and get on it.

Afraid and Excited,

Simple amazing

The animation was epic and the death scenes were just jaw dropping!10/10 5/5

Nhazul responds:

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie.

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4.33 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2010
5:58 PM EDT