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Jenny's love

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nothing matters more than love.
i made this for a friend under a script
this is merely a short from a begginer to try out some recently made skills
thanks for the fullfilled heart song (demo) by dude 09

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Juantopo responds:

wow that was introspective. i totally regret doing this. i shurely aaaahh meh. to bored to post a full response to that. bye.

Nice work.

You are somewhat good for a beginner. After a few years doing that,you will become good,and you will one day,decide to remake that,in a better quality.

Continue the hard working for us,and you may be famous.


Juantopo responds:

yeah, as famous as an internet celebrity can be.... not very XD

thanks for the inspiration. that is pretty much all i need to go on.

not bad

not bad for a begginer ive seen some bad stuff from other begginersand this aint that bad ad all

the story coud use some work

Juantopo responds:

there is no story, but im hoping soon i will pop something from here. just saying. nothing shure.

I like it.

Decent, I can tell you're just starting, but a decent start. Powerful message as well.

Juantopo responds:

NO MESSAGE WHAT SO EVER! if you know spanish, you will know i did this for a friend. under a script. it says "they promised to live happyly ever after" and then "for the cutest guy in the world, with love, jenny"

any way. id love some animation tips. if anyone can give them.
no need for a nine if not deserved, but thanks a lot


This what I got from the story. Guy sees girl. buys candy from her and offers it back to her. she go on a date with the guy. He tries to push a relationship on her. She refuses comes back 3 days later and asks him if he wants a relationship. several years pass and he proposes. Happily ever after ending. Honestly if this ever happened to a man I would feel sorry for him. Girls should be easier to catch but not like this one in this movie.

Juantopo responds:

yeah, you got everything right. pretty much what happened in real life, you see i did this for a friend under a script.

though, i upload this so i can get revews on my animating to. im merely a begginer, and i know the animating sucks on high levels. but o hell. i like your deductive abilities.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2010
11:07 AM EDT
Music Video

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