killer robots in life

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just some robots in everyday life more are coming soon


"And no hate comments"

Haha, I agree. I'm not a fan of hate comments either.. but as far as constructive criticism goes, here's the thing:

1) I agree with most everything other reviewers had to say, which if I had to sum it up, was that it's too short and that the sound quality wasn't the best.. maybe take a few steps away from the microphone next time and try to tone it down/yell a bit less.

2) I think it was a funny concept.. and had you given the story a bit more context, more examples, and slowed down the pace considerably.. it could have been really good.

3) the animation isn't the best, but I never critique other people's drawing because different people have different styles, and it's that unique quality that i think makes you and others stand out as animators - however, your movement skills still need work.. it didn't flow too well at all.

Listen, man. Keep it up. Other than a couple of angsty reviewers, most people gave you great stuff to work with.. so take it in and apply it to your next flash, I assure you it'll make it significantly better!


I really liked the concept. I really did. However, the animation is a bit iffy (aside from the actual robot), the voice acting is bland (not to mention ear-piercing) and the story isn't fleshed out enough.

Overall, 3/10 and 2/5. I'm being generous because I like the concept.

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Novel cartoon, sir! Keep at it is all the advice I can give you. Don't listen to your other reviewers. Two of them don't have flash, and the guy who does is a pretentious dick anyways.


damn. . . this has all the makings of a class A pre-adolescent doodling. you sound like that beiber thing (no offense but unless the voice behind this thing actually had some sense in what came out of his mouth then there's nothing anyone can do). and you didn't have enough story in your story. . .


It would have been better if it was longer and funny.

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1.98 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2010
11:11 PM EDT