Adrellia Village #18

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Adrellia Village: Season 1, Episode 18:
The Land of Mist
8/27/10 - The Land of Mist
Runtime: 2:51
You MUST watch the previous episodes before watching this one.
The plot thickens. That's all I can say without spoiling the plotline.
This episode of, "Adrellia Village" is animated at 25 frames per second (as usual), and uses four layers. This was something I threw together in about three days, so don't expect an absolute masterpiece, but I DID work hard on this flash.

And since the soundtrack for this episode of, "Adrellia Village" is kinda long and can't really fit in the "Additional Audio" box, I figured I should list it here in the author's comments.

SOUNDTRACK (in order):
"For Those Who Wait" by Fireflight - Beginning Song
"POD" by Tenacious D - Jack Black Segment
"I Won't Forget", Secret of Mana Music - Near the end
"Time of Dying" by Three Days Grace - Briefly played in the credits

Additional Information:
Audio exported at 64kbps, Mono, best quality possible.
How many hours this took to make in total: 5-7 hours

Adrellia Village, the series that never reuses intros
Check out the website at adrelliavillage.110mb.com

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Some improvement

But in other case, it feels like you've gotten a little worse. I like the way that this piece is getting together, but the way that you've done it, the pieces have taken a long time (and we're talking DragonBall fight time here) to come together. Shorter episodes may have seemed like the way to go, but making them longer, more detailed affairs may well bode better for the long run.

I'm not sure if you move the moustache of the wizard enough to communicate with him. Someone's mouth does not move less, because of a hairy upper lip - this is something from personal experience! Perhaps a hint of lower lip below the moustache would combat that?

With the girl's thoughts about her trainer, did we need all of that? Not really, as we could have worked out the trainer part and as for the voices there, if you wanted to convey that it was thought, perhaps put a little echo on it, so it sounds as if it comes from the inside of the head of the thinker, as opposed to having to do lip-sync, for example.

I feel that you're getting there, but little tweaks would help her and there. Oh and if you're going to make an outtakes reel, make one flash and put them all together, as throwing them int he middle of the piece may be funny, but it does derail the lot somewhat.

[Review Request Club]

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thank you for your review!


Well it felt close to the same except for the out takes and the Jack Black power sliding in yet not being the wizard teacher. Interesting events.

I found the voice acting good and funny how the guy had a little trouble pronouncing that one word too. Songs used were also good.

The animation looked nice here.

Overall, same as before but still humorous.

Review Request Club

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thanks. Appreciate your review.


When Jack Black came powersliding into the screen it gave me a good laugh (even though the image was cut out poorly).

The story didn't make that much sense to me, so I'm glad you are now requesting the episodes in order, heh.

While the outtakes where funny I think they should be presented at the end of the flash, not during the middle of the story, it's quite distracting.

{ Review Request Club }

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thanks. Great input on the outtakes. I'll keep that in mind next time. Appreciate your review.

liked it. but...

The animation wasnt anything astounding. and there was way to much reading. maybe find a female voice?

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4.09 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2010
9:09 PM EDT