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Old Man & the Sea-Abriged

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So yes! yes yes yes yes! After about a year of picking my nose constantly, I'm getting to making a new animation!

In case you're wondering why my account's been gathering dust, it's because A) I have a life now and B) when I don't I'm busy making content for Pirate Cthulhu comics with IDontKnowCorp, so if you're bored and hankering for more crappy things I do give it a peek!

Sorry it's so tween heavy and what not, I had a deadline of three days to make this puppy for my English class

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yep. That was it.

True to the original form of the story, that's for sure. That's just how lacking the plot hook of the original story was, that such a severe abridgement is possible and still conveys pretty much the whole thing. As opposed to that "How to Kill a Mockingbird" video, which got its funnyness by butchering its respective book, instead of being funny by telling it like it is. The Old Man and the Sea is JUST THAT SPARSE. Which is why I say, skip The Old Man and the Sea and go for Life of Pi instead. Now there was a story. And he's got a tiger in the boat in that one. You can't get much better than that!

Quite enjoyable

Though, I don't know if anyone who hasn't read the book would find it interesting.

NEDP responds:

yeah, it's pretty heavy on references to the source material (but it's hard not to be) but I had to either have it make sense in context to people who've actually read the novella or just make it ridiculous enough to enjoy for the other 99% of the internet; I tried to pull off both :P


Very Good! Too Funny

Nice timing

The animation was kind of shitty, but i liked the jokes. The comedic timing was well done. Ohh and by the way, my parents said they dont want me hanging out with you anymore.

I Love That Book.

Ernest Hemingway is the MANliest author ever!