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Escape from cocody island

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Author Comments

Hello newgrounders,

Here is my second escape game made for escapegames24. com.

It's pretty short and easy, but I hope you guys will still like it.

for all the people commenting, keep in mind I make these games in a week time next to my normal job.

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As you say...

...quick and easy. TOO quick and too easy.

Also some constructive criticism:

1) I understand you're limited by time. But you should plan a game that will take two (or three) weeks instead of one. Then you can one, better game instead of a number of mediocre ones.

2) The comments box should be item-specific. In other words, if you've equipped the spear, rolling over the palm leaves shouldn't just say "I can't reach", which is the same as it says when you don't have the spear -- it should say "the spear isn't long enough" or something like that.

3) If you don't want the player to use the "ordinary" rocks for the slingshot, you should say something like "it's too big for the slingshot" or something like that.

4) A few sail comments: it seems like you should be able to combine the leaves and the spear in the inventory instead of sticking the spear in the raft and then adding the leaves. Also odd that you don't need anything to tie the sail together, or to the spear. Or for that matter, that you don't need anything to fix the spear point onto the spear.

5) If the player doesn't need two sets of palm leaves, both side shouldn't be active (especially if you've already cut one bunch).

6) The direction buttons should only point to directions that are usable -- in other words, the left button should go away when you're at the crab, and the right button should go away at the raft site.

So, hey -- keep going, and get better. Good luck!


its like one of my games (i hate my game)
il still give you a 5 for the effort though

Nice little game

That's a cool little game - not too much into graphism (although the crab is cute) but still a pleasant way to spend 10 minutes :)