Myth Wars

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Choose your side, Dark Age Vs. Medieval Age. Enter enemy territory by air, sea and land.

Click unit to spawn.
Move mouse to edge of screen to scroll.
Click mouse when scrolling to fast scroll.
Set strategy each units: Full Defend, Defend, Attack and Full Attack.
Conquer all levels to finish the game.

Working on NG Medals!



It's a nice game but it becomes boring after a while.
Animation can be a lot better.
But ok i enjoyed playing it ;)

Wow this was really boring.

Seen style like this many times over. The best animation was the title screen. I'm still on the first battle and i don't really even have to do much. Should of been able to upgrade my guys or heal them as they fight ot something. I just kept making zombies and skeletons and I won. I'm not playing this anymore!

Played Until Level 26.

It is a nice game, fun, good graphics. Though I would of liked if the archers attacked artillery, I got up to 17 of the dark elves and they just walked toward the artillery instead of attacking it and dying. Does suck that the infinite castle is there and I cannot use any of the turrets or upgrade the castle itself. Would also be good if the infantry did maybe move quicker? The enemy would often use ranged style forces and that completely makes any infantry useless.

Also, The sky type unit Dragon, I didn't watch a lot of the other units but the dragon usually did just attack ground units when there was air units right in front of it and fly right up close until it would attack.

Like I said, Would be more nicer if the Infantry like Lizard Man, and Dark Evil moved faster, That's what made me want to use the archer and what would end up getting my castle destroyed since they do not attack artillery very much it's just not easy getting the infantry any where near the enemy without dying trying despite how much health they have.

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whys everyone ragging on this game so bad, i don't even like these type of games, but this is the best one i've played, i think i could actually put time into this, better then that one with the mice that was submitted, this is badass


This was rlly boring. It was pretty slow and the menu screen looked alotttttt better then it rlly was. plus it's just a copy of age of war.

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3.50 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2010
9:34 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)