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Quest for cure Demo only

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Guys this is just a demo or more like an experiment because I am new to making games but realy want to G R O W in this area.

please don't FLAME ME for my big file size. I know it is big and promise to do everything possible to reduce the size in my future games.

please don't FLAME ME for my poor programing skills. all this was done with the dreaded (on release go to and play method). I can't program but promise I will do everything to learn the proper way.

please don't FLAME ME for my crappy animation. I am trying to improve my standards all the time but I got alot to learn.

please don't FLAME ME for an unfinished product. Because I can't program properly I used up alot of space. Because of its size I couldn't even finish the demo. :(

But I thought I would submit this so I could get POSITIVE HELP from people so I can make the nessessary improvements.

For all the pros out there, I have tried painfuly to find good online tutorials to help me with my programing. I found a couple that show me how to make good buttons and the code for the infamous (on release goto and play) funcitons but that is about it.

I appreciate your help and encouragement. . . . also don't flame me cause I don't smell good barbequed.

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I dig it, but yes a little background music would tie it together very nicely, but not to loud as to not drown out the sound fx and IF you have a VA as well. :)

littlegoblet responds:

thanx buddy so I may have to consider this for Skant's adventure too. do you think I should also have an option of turing the music off aswell?


Nice animation and storyline, but add some music!

littlegoblet responds:

thanx buddy. I will keep that in mind in the next game I do :D

Not bad!

Hey, this isn't bad at all! Yes, the animation is a bit choppy (as you said) and it's short - but at least it's interesting!
As a minor point (because I'm not a programmer either) one improvement for the speech and text boxes might be to change the colour or font to distinguish the 1st person speech from the narration and descriptive text. What you've written in them already though is good - it has a nice, traditional adventure game feel to it - slightly comic. :D
Hope you find some good help and get a chance to finish this game!

littlegoblet responds:

I see exactly what you mean. I can see how that would help folks who read the text too. If I am lucky, I hope to get some voice actors for the next installment. thanxies buddy. I would love to finish this one too. I so badly need to learn how to program properly lol :D

Excellent visuals, the music is very fitting too!

I really like it - it's well thought out and really works for me. Makes me remember games like Dark Cloud for the PS1 that I played when I was younger, and books like Deltora Quest that I used to read when I was little.

Oh how I miss those books :'( NOSTALGIA

littlegoblet responds:

thanx buddy. I grew up on adventure games so I was a big sucker for them too. Still em lol. so badly wanna make my own, even though it wont be as interactive as the pros I still hope to get the imagination pumping. thanx for your nice comment :D

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4.06 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2010
5:48 AM EDT