Guy of My Dreams

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A unique game with cute graphics! I made this as a short project to see if I can make "girl-ier" games for a change.

Use the arrow keys and spacebar to play. Mouse control works fine as well. Find a guy that looks like your dream guy, and collect as much Happiness as you can before you turn 50!


Cool concept, not the usual.

I think it would be nice if there were more to it than collecting items and matching desired physique. And it would be easier to navigate/ see if the screen was a larger size.

Simple and Enjoyable

I like the use of achievements. There's a lot of different ways to beat it, which I liked as well.

Simple but Enjoyable and Addictive

It was a very simple game, but extremely enjoyable, I think the man of your dreams should always show up at the beginning so you can have a better chance of getting five stars of happiness with him, it was entertaining however thats for sure, and I spent a long time just trying too get all of the achievements, which was fun

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this game was so lame i mean all u do is chase and grab lame

Interesting, but lacks complexity

Pretty good, if you could have just added something different. Maybe each year was a level and you had to reach a certain amount of happiness to beat it and the difficulty would increase as the levels increased (which happens in real life as well, for it is harder for an older woman to get a partner). Anyways, it is pretty good, and it's good to see a girly game around for a change, you definitely succeeded on making a good girly game.

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3.91 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2010
5:27 AM EDT
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