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I am a loser...

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Watch the full video here


Get the whole song here


Edit: 30/8/2010 - Omigod!! Thanks so much for the front page! This means the world to me!! :D

A music video inspired by own life situation from the bottom of my heart designed to motivate everyone facing their own struggles in life!

My sincerest apologies to Newgrounds for not being able to upload the entire video and only the first sad part due to extreme file size. Please be kind enough to view the entire video and song at the link given in the Flash file or at jackbliss.newgrounds.com

Thanks for watching and leave a review. I reply as many as I can :)

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love the imagery

Not to Touching but,If you were to watch Back to the satrt mario you would know the Potential of Jackbliss. I believe you could give the heartless the will to stop killing.


although single handedly the most depressing thing on newgrounds


I gotta say, I've never seen anything so deep on newgrounds. It's just a sad song in every way. Great job.


ha pretty nice song

still sounds like creep from radiohead a little bit o and you kids need to stop tripin its not that deep lol but its nice