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Avell VS Spaz Part 1

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Avell- My OC. Basically a swordsman in training. Thats what he uses a wooden sword...cause he's too squeamish to hold a real sword.

Spaz: My first OC. He's a psychic fighter who uses fire and darkness PSI. Yes... He's a Ness re-color...but hey, he was my first sprite I've tried to make...and my skills never improved.

Part two was slightly better than this.

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Ow my ears?

Sound effects were TOOOOOO LOOOOUUDDD holy crap.
They were good sound effects though.

Music was like.. barely audible.

CloudCereal553 responds:

Yea I've been getting lots of complaints like that from deviantart fans as well. Although to be honest, I haven't really found any solution for that. I tried using audacity to fix the audio, but I ended up making it worse.

It probably cost me some awesome points, but in the end I just said: "f*** it" and gave up trying to fix the audio.

I know I'm grasping for straws here, but for future projects (which I am planning to upload) would you know how I could fix these audio problems? Audacity does not work my friend.


I won't even try to understand what I just watched. I liked how at the beginning, the little guy punched and kicked the other dude in the dick like...800 times. Pretty funny. Probably not intentional, but still... I liked it.

CloudCereal553 responds:

Yea...dick punching not intentional...that small point in the flash was basically the part where one character had the upper hand in the fight... Although to be honest I should have realized the hieght difference... Oh well it still works. XD

Also, most people aren't supposed to figure out the story here. It's just a random sprite battle. A fight for the sake of fighting. Lots of beginners do this sort of stuff with sprites.

Probably the best way to explain this movie is like the first time you watch a sprite fight. (Mario VS Sonic for example). These two powerful icons are fighting for no apparent reason other than to fight to see who's stronger. Only in this case, it's my original characters. People don't care for the story, they're just there to enjoy the ride.