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Sugar Rush is a game with cute clay graphics where you have to battle the tooth fairies and run as far as you can to achieve the highest score!

Instructions in the game.



nice game amazing graphics

Nice graphics,

This game has a really unique style, kinda reminds me of "The Neverhood" because of all that awesome clay! Music was fitting, and the gameplay pretty smooth, but not very addicting.. In fact, it got boring after the first few minutes. Nevertheless, this game earns a good rating for its look! :D

Interesting, but not very intense.

This game is a good game. It borrows elements from other games, such as classic screen scroll, battling enemies while moving...though, it's not very action packed. Sure, you run, shoot and have to watch out for the occasional pit or so, but otherwise...meh. It's like a slowed version of Canabalt, though I'm only basing this through what I've played so far.

You DID manage to succeed in what I was hoping for: running and shooting while avoiding pits. It's just that the running part wasn't very fast, and besides the pits, there really isn't anything to look out for (other than the fairies).

You tried, you succeeded, though only halfway. Just crank the speed up to 11, possibly make it so that the fairies...well, fly at you, and add obstacles into the field that you can jump over, or maybe add a duck button for those times you need to squeeze through.

It's a good game. Graphics are nice, presentation is fine and dandy, it's just that the gameplay...well, it was kinda dull.

I'm giving this a 8 out of 10: I know one can improve by learning upon their mistakes. Just felt the core gameplay was bland, but you can fix that up with just a few touches, I'm sure.

Good job on this.

aka: Sam

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Marshmallow "Action Turnip"?

I thought this was just a strange, claymation version of Action Turnip. It's not as good as the real thing, but it's still good enough.


Truly a visual masterpiece. Creative idea, fun gameplay, what's not to love?

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3.94 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2010
5:17 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun