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Defend Your Cheese

rated 3.64 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Aug 25, 2010 | 5:09 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Thank you so much NGs for updating the swf, no more loading issues.

V1.03 (clear cache and reload page if you don't have it)
- Shows ranks in online matches, and unlockables are available in easy mode now.

Defend Your Cheese is a defense styled multiplayer game where you must protect your cheese from being eaten by mice and rats.

Excuse the download. 7MB in size designed for Firefox web browser but may work in other standard based browsers. Please have Flash Player 10 installed to ensure the best experience.

How To Play
The object of the game is to fend off the mice and rats that try to eat your cheese. You can do this in 2 general ways.

1) By defending until the mice and rat waves are over.
2) Eat the enemy's cheese first.

You can use items like Mousetraps, Tacs, and Poison to stop mice from reaching your cheese or you can send out your own mice and rats to fight off the on coming enemy.

Using the mouse to control most of the game but if you would like to use the keyboard you can:

- Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 to deploy mice
- Arrow keys left and right or (A and D) to scroll the screen



Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome game

played this game yesterday when it was under review still, absolutely loved it. Played it again today and beat it, loved it even more. It is now on my favorite games list, keep it up can't wait for more :-3

mulatto401 responds:

You are the man


Rated 3 / 5 stars

good game, too hard for me

While a challenge is good, and it is addicting in some ways, I just thought it was too hard on the whole. Having an easy setting where the second level is almost unbeatable is a little ridiculous. After too long and too many tries, I finally beat level 10 on hard, but it was way too hard and I think a lot of luck was involved. Because of that, I decided to quit instead of try any of them on very hard. The only reason I went that far was to try and unlock the last character, but even after all the levels on hard it still isn't there? Is it for multiplayer only or do you have to beat the whole game? It would suck to have to beat the whole game before you can get the strongest character. Although, it was hard enough to afford the owl even on the later stages because they got swarmed and eventually their owls/cats killed your own, and unless you had several out there, you're left with no cheese and no defense, so you lose.

Suggestions: fix the speed of the mice/rats. Sometimes you can deploy several and a couple of them zoom along, and the rest just slowly make way across. This causes problems when you're trying to swarm a stronger enemy because by the time the rest of the mice/rats get there, the others are dead, so you just wasted a bunch of money to see all of them killed. Also, I don't like how they sometimes just run past the enemies. This also gets bad if you just spent all your money and the enemy has a cat or an owl, since your guys will be dead while getting no money for it and not even defending your base.

For the easier difficulty levels, I'd like to see some kind of, I don't know, difference in more money per kill, or more to start, extra damage, something. As it is, there's not a big difference in difficulty that I can tell, except in the later stages when the hard ones are almost impossible. Also, I think it'd be nice to see at least the first level be actually easy to get people into the game, and used to the strategy and gameplay.

I'll tell you how I got past the last level on hard though. Well, what I can remember of it. I spammed tacks right near their base where the cat was going to be. Even after the first one dies, another one will be there soon. I think after that I saved to get a cat for myself, even though I had to let them eat some of my base to wait and get it. Then I spammed the tacs again until the second cat died. Then I kept getting cats with the occasional brown rat/black mouse to help when he got to the owl until finally I was able to get an owl. If you've made it that far, I probably don't need to explain more. Keep an owl or two at the back and let one (or more) go forward and then save until you can buy enough brown rats/black mice to take town their cheese. I would advise against saving for enough black rats, because after a while they start to send owls out again. I don't know how many since I won a few seconds after one came out but it was definitely getting harder, so I think it was best to end it quickly. As I said before though, I think it was a lot of luck though, because sometimes the rats will ignore the tacs or your cat will lead out their cat too early and you get cornered too much, or if you send out a mouse/rat at the wrong time the same can happen there.

Hope this helps anyone stuck on level 10, and I hope the developer will make some of the "easy" parts easier. If it was a bit easier I'd enjoy it, but as is, I probably wont play it any more.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

For those of you having trouble...

First of all, this is a pretty nice game. Its not the best defense game I've ever seen, but a lot of thought and time obviously went into its production and I appreciate that.

A lot of people were having trouble with "Level 10", and theres a pretty easy way of taking care of that. Im not sure if it works on any other difficulty level (probably not), but I pretty much blew through the game using about 2 to 3 "Rats" on each stage, they just killed everything. Once I came to level 10 I tried the same tactic, and all my rats were destroyed by a Cat and Owl. However, I found a way to defeat them.

If you send out an Owl in the beginning, he'll start killing the mice that come his way and eventually start attacking the Cat and Owl. He'll die, but right after he dies send out another Owl or Cat, depending on your cheese, and rinse and repeat this, until both the Cat and Owl are dead, and you can use your regular tactic on beating the game. It may not work on any other difficulty setting, but its worth a try.

Once again, great game, I'd love to see more.

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mulatto401 responds:

thank you, finally someone with skill on NGs


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was ok.

I sat through the pre-loader. It wasn't a bad game. Those brown mice/rats mess me up HARD. I personally would to see this get better.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Wacked out difuculty curve

I started playing this it was fairly fun and the animation was pretty awesome but
there was no strategy involved I sent a bunch of mice in and it swamped the feeble amount of enemy men but then came level ten oooohhhh level ten how in the name of Poseiden,s engorged blue crank do you expect me to take on a owl and a cat I tried using traps to run out the clock but I will be damned if im going to wait through 60 rounds overall its a good time waster for a bit but not without flaws