Running MAN - 2

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Thanks to: The Supreme Lord, FGL, Arnold Shwarzenegger, Adam Saltsman...

The game is not so long but pretty competitive. Try to collect all coins...


WAD or Arrows, SPACE - try again


I just want to thank everybody for Your feedbacks and constructive criticism, I will take in mind everything You said if I'll create sequel. So far I'm just noob in gamedev and NewGrounds has such a great and helpfull community...
Thanks once again!



I cant go further than 500 points


it was a cool game for just 5 min or so, but the way the camera was set was just annoying, You couldn't see anything...
But props for the programming and art, that was pretty good (:

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definitely meh.

If this game is supposed to be a running game, wouldn't it have been a good idea to keep the camera further away from the player? I found myself resorting to 'leaps of faith' and if the object is to make it through the levels quickly, the kind of doubt and hesitation that results from not being able to see where I'm going really takes away from that.

The music, however, was somewhat of a redeeming quality. Granted, it's not very difficult to make a half-decent chiptune, but it was pleasantly catchy and kept me going for a little while.

The graphics really aren't anything special; we've already seen just about everything Flixel has to offer, and there isn't anything that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

This game might work as a five-minute timewaster, but I'd rather play 5 Minutes To Kill Yourself if that's all the time I had to waste.

A good effort, but it left a lot to be desired. 4/10, 2/5.

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its fun

pretty fun, easy, only a few minor bugs, such as sometimes, the screen wont move and i cant progress any farther. thats the only thing wrong. great game overall, il give it a 9. one point of just for the bugs.

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It's good but with minor problems.

First off the collision detection is delayed. Some objects supposed to get you from one to another sometimes doestn't make it in time. The controls feel a bit tight and restrict at times frst your looping then you go straight down. And finally replay should put straight back into the game not to the menu screen again. I would of just kept clicking the return to menu button if I knew that.

Otherwise all that the graphics were good and it was a good idea. I give a 4/10 3/5

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3.31 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2010
7:56 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other