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wtf lol

"cuts to 1 second of squad 2".... "THAT WAS THE LAST KNOWN FOOTAGE" they looked like they were just standing around and did the guy from squad 1 shoot the other one???

metaknight135 responds:

i made it like he paniced and shot his own guy

nice :)

not that original but it was very good :)
hope u make a film *wink wink* :)

That had nothing to do with left 4 dead

It was good but not that good it was to short nothing to do with left 4 dead animation was good could be better not that much action to much words no zombies all you could see was there arms that was not that good of a flash well not as good as ones I have seen I think still make more but have more action in it or no one will want to watch it okay so make one more I'll see how it is then I'll see what I can do mand try to make it about your name like have 4 people like hank and Jebas and maybe the guy of death wish with the blue glasses and a normal guy and just go from there I give it 6 you can do better. :-)

metaknight135 responds:

this is just the trailer showing the military's story. the survivors have yet to be seen


Well first lets cover some of the basics: Not only does this have NOTHING to do with L4d, it is also increadibly unoriginal. Not only did you not make your own characters, you also made NONE of the art. No thought was put into this, neither was therw any effort. But all that aside, this will never come out, and even if it does it will be some half assed- no story line- piece of garbage madness tribute that comes through the portal now-a-days.

Either have some originality or stop making madness.


The final version will have voice acting in it from 3 different voice actors, and it will be longer followed up from more episodes, I wrote the script for the first episode and metaknight135 wanted to put out a little preview before the first episode.

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Aug 24, 2010
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