Left 4 madness preview

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So Freaking Short!

everythings missing

left 4 dead has special infected and wasn't some army sqaud bull crap,you know the infected called:hunter,smoker,tank,witch. the hunter can jump really high and pounce survivors and claw them to death,the smoker snares his tounge(which is very long) at the survivors and chokes them with it,the tank is very strong and muscular and his legs doesn't support his weight so he uses his fist to walk like a gorilla,the witch just sits on the floor crying until shot at or if you shine the light at her then she'll run at the survivors(VERY FAST) and claws at them(instant incapitation) and kills them in 10 seconds if not rescued. without them it's just not left 4 dead.

metaknight135 responds:

i know! i didnt intend this film on being related to the game. sorry if thats the message you got from it =\

It's not horrible

I love the song "Requiem for a dream" and I like the idea but you should make your own characters and if your gonna name a video after a video game you gotta make it how the game goes

metaknight135 responds:

this isnt based off the game..it was just the only title i could think of xD
sorry for the misunderstanding


"This is their story"
*cuts to image*

OMG LAWL MAKE IT LONGER, it was good though, good music.

metaknight135 responds:

lol thanks. yeah the full version will have voice overs and everything

That was nice!

That was pretty nice, man! I surely hope you make a film >> That was pretty nice.
It looked like Blackhawks and sort of things, I like that *-*

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Aug 24, 2010
9:41 PM EDT