i heart drugs

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i heart drugs
by mc chris

Edit: Apparently I'm retarded when it comes to actionscript so I took out the links at the end. They were basically my youtube and twitter, and mc's website, twitter, and facebook. If you want any of those links, they're on my journal or blog or whatever you wanna call it on my artist page.

I made this video for a music video contest for this mc chris parody.

Just wanna throw out there too, had I had the time to do so, I would have scrapped about the last minute and reworked it from scratch among with another scene that I'm not going to name.

At the beginning of the contest, there was no set deadline in place, so I was really taking my time, reworking scenes and trashing scenes all together and starting over from scratch if they didn't please me. Obviously, you can see a jump in quality about midway through, at which point we were given another four days to finish and submit by the deadline. I was really pissed that I didn't get to take my time and really fucked up some syncing on a few parts (lipsyncing is very subpar), but like I said, time restraints.

I kept telling myself I'd go back and rework or trash scenes all together before I submitted it on Newgrounds, considering I haven't submitted a Flash on here in fucking six years. I ended up literally animating the last forty seconds the night of the deadline up until the minute of the deadline. After I completed it, I told myself I'd take a short break, go back, and rework it. Well, almost a month later and I don't have the motivation to redo it. Just started up freshman year of college and I'm already a minute or so into my next Flash, so I dunno. Obviously me submitting this here as is, is my way of telling myself I'm never gonna touch it again. It's a great song and I enjoy it more than the actual ke$ha song.

Oh and by the way, I did end up winning the contest. :) Ended up with a pretty nice amount of mc merch.

I should have my next flash out in a few months give or take. Oh, and I assume you're reading this for this. Download the song here:

http://mcchris.com/mp3/ih eartdrugs.mp3

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mc chris is awesome"he is the one singing this song" if you like this song than look up hoodie ninja or fetts vett by mc chris there really good songs too, great art work nice choice of music GREAT JOB! :D

HAPPY 420!!!!!



for some reason i'm craving some weed!!! X )--


its hole gave meaning when the end came up XD

i like it but

the ending what the F man i hate my beared

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Aug 24, 2010
1:42 PM EDT
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