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2 Simple Game Tutorials

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Author Comments

A person PM'ed me and said that I should do a tutorial on how to make some simple games, so here it is. Again, this is like my other tutorials so, I implanted errors into the code for you to fix and learn more about.
EDIT: Fixed the 3 error.

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An Interesting TUT

So this was a nice flash script tutorials, The backround flashing was a bit much but it was a good tutorial, A nice way of showcasing how something works and thats exactly what you have done here so really nice work indeed, So on this entry you "SHOW-OFF-SOME-NICE-IDEAS" on how it all comes together and "THESE-ARE-PRETTY-COOL" because you can learn something new.

The backround flashing was a bit much but it was a good tutorial



Nice tut man....Altrough(spell mistake) i know how to mak this games! :)


it was just one tutorial basically and sorry the text was illegible

I'm sorry but

This was absolutely terrible, i just glanced at the code and saw how flawed it was, and the menu said 3 tutorials, crappy organization? Also spell check

Left4DeathInFire responds:

Okay, Thank you appreciate your comment but, did you notice that I had a example inside the movie and I used the exact same code and that I said implanted errors inside the code for people to fix.


The script is old, the logic is flawed and the included demo shows just how flawed the logic is. This is a disaster.

And that is just the content. I got more to say. The used font is a paint to read. But more importantly, the constant changing background interfers with reading the text.

Left4DeathInFire responds:

That is funny i could've sworn i put SIMPLE and BASIC inside the tutorial's text. I had no problem reading it but, you know the creator's opinion means nothing compared to a fuck face's opinion.