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Kos Tape Arms

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Useless product - great flash!

Wow, that was so funny, particularly with the way that you made an advert just to promote the product. I'd love to give you a few pointers just to make it a little better, so that the rest of the flash could benefit from not having to carry that part, since the background let you down and just having the woman fronting the product wasn't quite the best way to go, but it still worked out.

With the way that this piece worked, there were certainly some good gags and the animation was quirky and inventive. Just giving us the right way to put forward the gags, without making it look to crappy, or straight-laced.

I think that regardless of the fact that your writing has improved, you've certainly got it in you to produce some good work and the perceived lack of humour didn't hinder you - I thought it was quite funny anyway.

[Review Request Club]


Well this turned out to be a good and funny piece. Really like how it emphasizes that not everything advertised on tv is true or worth buying at all. Some are worth it while most tend to be things that lose their amazingness after a few moments as they don't do what they were advertised to be doing.

The animation was very good here. Also liked how you made the credits sync up with the song playing for just a moment before the credits began to roll and whatnot. Also liked the Donkey Kong reference. I thought that was a rather amusing sudden change in graphics. Sadly in the end the arms explode and are simply worthless and a money waster.

The voice acting here was sound. Also liked the various sound effects used here too. This seemed to be pretty nice though. Also very cool choice in tunes to use in this animation.

Overall, a pretty good job here. I was pleased.

Review Request Club

You have gotten better dude!

and you even used one of my fave music on newgrounds.

OnionsXD responds:

Oh really? which one is that?

XD awesome

that was relly good! I loved every bit of it! I loved the frame by frame! and the ending at the end was so funny!!!

OnionsXD responds:

Cool! Thanks yoh'~ :D


It's weren't to bad for a year old script. Though it does have it's issues here and there. You had a nice use of music (Trying not to sound biased since you did use my song lol), and the animation was pretty smooth for the most part, and will just need practice to get it better.

I think that you have a lot of potential to make some really great flashes, and hey you've already been apart of a flash that got front paged, so you've got exposure already, lucky you!!!

I would love to work with you again as far as providing musics go if you want. I mean that song didn't jump up in veiws or reviews, but it's still nice ya know? =3

OnionsXD responds:

Wow! Thanks for the extensive review! What I meant with indicating that it was a year old script was that NOW I can write so much better stuff. And I understand humor a lot better now!!

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3.71 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2010
12:08 PM EDT