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Favorites audio

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Hey everyone :)

This is my first flash ever so don't be surprised of the shitty animation. Anyway the important thing is to share some of my favorites musics of the audio portal ;)

I know sometimes the music can take some time to load... but i dunno how to fix it :(

Well you really should rate 5 and review because this submission is really awesome, don't you think?

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hey i have to give you a 10 for effort since its..

you're first flash thank you for haveing my song in you're first flash and i hope to see more flash games/movies from you


I know most of these

with out looking them up.
Dance: Team-lisa
Trance: Theory of everything
Hard Rock: Pokemon G/S
KeyGen: psychotropics
Drum & Bass: ParagonX9
Funk: Wait where?
I'm not sure about funk and keygen. but other then that. I'm good.
Somebody you should check out for techno/trance is Dimrain47.

Mekka responds:

hey yay i know dimrain too :D looks like we pretty much listen the same things! I'll check out your favorites an submitions too ^^


indeed the music takes a long time to load, I was going to say it didn't work but then I heard some funky notes ;). The flash itself isn't that good the animation kinda sucked and the woman isn't sexy or anything. plus she doesnt dance.

Mekka responds:

"the music takes a long time to load"
actually i can't fix that, the songs are not in my flash, you hear them in streaming directly from newgrounds download link. If the songs were in it, the file would be like a thousand times bigger.

Not a game

This isn't a game. Its just a poorly drawn picture of a Female Gnome from World of Warcraft and music.

Mekka responds:

this is nor a movie so i had to choose which category to pick :-/