Robot Wants Fishy

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The third in the series. Help guide Robot to the Fishy he so desperately wants. You'll have to collect a variety of powerups to get there, and there seem to be a few hundred aliens also standing in your way.

Each time you get blown up, your time increases by 10 seconds, so try to catch Fishy as fast as you can!

Use the arrow keys to move. Up or Z jumps. As you collect power-ups, it will tell you how to use them!

Extra keys:
0 to mute the sound
-/+ adjust volume
P to pause

UPDATE 8/25/10: The final jump is now less painful for those who had to give up there! The jellyfish/spike situation in the end tunnel is also easier, and the spot where you could get stuck is no longer.



I can't play the game because it's making me lag really bad, but only on open screen, not on anything else like myspace or youtube while I have them open. but I always love these games so i'm sure I would love this one as well.

Hamumu responds:

You might want to try updating flash to the latest. I don't know if that will help or not, but I'm not sure what else would make it lag. Another painful alternative is to run the game in IE - IE is much better at running flash than Firefox, sadly.


it was simple at first and the challenging just how i like it, the boss for the water area took me about 30 minutes to beat cause i kept dying, the final boss was much easier and trying to get the key was hard too, giving me one last challenge before the game was over, and i like the hilarity this game brought, when i blew up all those blocks to look for an upgrade and when i picked something up it was "absolutely nothing" i laughed a little, the ending was also a little funny to me, poor robot went through all the trouble, just for that... honestly sir you have an excellent job on this game, im sure the future games not just the robot wants blah blah blah games but the others that are made by you are will be as good as this one, keep up the good work :D

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Lazy makes review once again.

Back to basics, it looks like. No more pet projectiles, but explosives for sure. I actually only discovered this once I saw Robot Wants Ice Cream on the front page. So, beaten today and reviewed today.

Robot has always had gadgets, and in this one we're more reliant on them. The thing about it is that you have to go all over the place to find said gadgets, even while dodging the attacks of bosses you can't harm yet. That much? It's either a challenge or a problem. I'm not docking points for it, since this is a game where you have unlimited lives.

I will say one thing, though. And this is out-of-paragraph so people will notice it more. There is no particular hint on how to destroy crystals in the area with the snails, because you really only learn it is by happening to see the snails break them with their attack shots, like I did.

Anyway, it's a good game overall, and I like the pattern of which things are going with the pets here, and how that's causing amusing trouble. Now, for the last one.

*Pings the Five on the way out*

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Kitty puppy fishy , next what? Koala? Shark? Phoenix?


The musci brings me back to my days with the C64, the colors are intense, and the challenges are sometimes an undertaking, but not impossible and the bosses are cool as well. A great addition to the Robot Wants. 10/10 and 5/5

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2010
10:24 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle