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Robot Wants Fishy

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Author Comments

The third in the series. Help guide Robot to the Fishy he so desperately wants. You'll have to collect a variety of powerups to get there, and there seem to be a few hundred aliens also standing in your way.

Each time you get blown up, your time increases by 10 seconds, so try to catch Fishy as fast as you can!

Use the arrow keys to move. Up or Z jumps. As you collect power-ups, it will tell you how to use them!

Extra keys:
0 to mute the sound
-/+ adjust volume
P to pause

UPDATE 8/25/10: The final jump is now less painful for those who had to give up there! The jellyfish/spike situation in the end tunnel is also easier, and the spot where you could get stuck is no longer.



1. Gameplay: An average game with a nice gimmick to spice things up. All these "Robot Wants Animal" games exceed the definiton. 10/3.
2. The bomb weapon is the best one so far in this series, despite being the exact same "arc" throw as RWP and not as fast as the laser from RBK. Why? The "arc" throw is higher than the Kitty toss, and with the right upgrade(s), you can throw more, increase it's strength without sounding dumb (I'm looking at you, RWP), and make the the things FREAING EXPLODE! 90/3.

AVERAGE: OVAR 9001!/10
My comments: The harpoon upgrade seems forced, especially when you get the explosion upgrade. The waterproof spray was a good idea, but could be improved, by having the Robot have a "Rust" bar that kills you when it reaches whatever end is death, and slowly drains as you are on land.

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Loved it!

Like the other 2, addictive and weird beyond description. My first time through took a long time, and figuring out how to get the awards keeps you thinking and replaying. Puppy should have been included, maybe as a weapon.


I love these games. They're really fun. I don't know what Berder was talking about... I thought it was pretty easy to figure out what to do. I only wish there were some cool end cutscene or something. Or maybe something a little more elaborate than the picture of the cat eating the fish. I like how you've been trying different weapons and upgrades with the games and stuff. I think it would be cool if you kept at it, and tried different things, because a game with the exact same abilities and stuff would get boring pretty quick. Anyway, great job. I hope to see more. :o)

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Not very good...

It was kind of dull...


This game is too difficult and non-intuitive. I think I'm missing some key ability because every chamber I try to teleport to, there's something just impossible, like a wall to blast through when I can't seem to blast through walls, or no way to damage the boss at all. And the zones are out of order because I got a double jump ability in the last zone when I can't do anything in several other zones. If the zones have to be played in a certain linear order, you should PUT THEM IN THAT ORDER.

I'm not going to watch a stupid video walkthrough, that is an annoying waste of time, couldn't you have taken the 20 minutes to write up a text walkthrough so you can just skim it and find what you need?

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Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2010
10:24 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle