Robot Wants Fishy

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The third in the series. Help guide Robot to the Fishy he so desperately wants. You'll have to collect a variety of powerups to get there, and there seem to be a few hundred aliens also standing in your way.

Each time you get blown up, your time increases by 10 seconds, so try to catch Fishy as fast as you can!

Use the arrow keys to move. Up or Z jumps. As you collect power-ups, it will tell you how to use them!

Extra keys:
0 to mute the sound
-/+ adjust volume
P to pause

UPDATE 8/25/10: The final jump is now less painful for those who had to give up there! The jellyfish/spike situation in the end tunnel is also easier, and the spot where you could get stuck is no longer.


Quick question!

How do you get the second multi-bomb upgrade, in the bottom corner of the crystal section? There are two crystals blocking it but I can't get through in time.. Anyone got it?

Fun gme over all, a decent addition to the series. I especially like the non-linearity of it and the free roaming bosses.

Hamumu responds:

If you mouse-over your ability icons, they give you a reminder of how to use them. Try that on each and think about what they do. But you might also need to learn something about snail acid that is probably not made clear enough in the game.


This flash has reminded us of what games are really about. Plenty of cool powerups and gadgets, a short life that you must really fight for, and a simple plot that allows you to focus on the fun. Too many people are spoon-fed easy boss fights, and forget that they are SUPPOSED to be hard. Several catchy soundtracks keep your ears from getting tired, and the great retro graphics that only flixel can truly recreate.

Make more off these games!

People forgot their power-ups.

Yes, the final Gaultlet is hard, but if you picked up all the power-ups, you would have had a shield when you pressed down that deflected projectiles. Other than that, some of the game play required a little fast movement. Great Game, waiting for the 4th installment.

Okay, but suffers in a few areas...

Controls, graphics and most of the gameplay was quite good, as expected for this series. Where it falls off though, is in level design...

Sometimes it was almost too hard to tell where to go next. The previous games was easier since you could usually say "I can open that door now" or the like, but this one you kinda ran around blindly a few times until you stumbled upon where you needed to be.

My other problems deal with a powerup and the key to unlock the fishy (mainly the paths you have to take to get them). For the powerup, I understand that you need to have the shield and use the invincibility time to reach it before you go poof. However, the invincibility time seems to be too short, making it next to impossible. A slight lengthening of invincibility time could be a simple solution.

The path leading to the final key suffers from having two narrow hallways with projectile firing enemies at the end of them. The only method I found to reach the key with any degree of success was to force the first snail into its shell, then DIE and rush past him after my respawn so I could have the shield for the second hallway. In a game where you are penalized for death, it's not fun to basically force it on people. There needs to be some room to dodge in at least one of those halls.

All in all, not bad game, but IMO the worst out of the "Robot wants" series (if left unfixed).

Hamumu responds:

You might want to examine Robot's abilities more thoroughly instead of killing yourself! You can mouse-over the icons to get a reminder of what they do. I think that also applies to your powerup situation, but I'm not sure which one you mean.

Not your best.

Don't get me wrong, I liked it. I finished it even. However, by phasing out the kitty it lacked some of the charm of Robot Wants Puppy. Also, it seemed that this charm was replaced by annoying bullet dodging and bosses that almost REQUIRED dying again and again.

It's a fine line between challenging and frustrating and unlike your other entries in this series Robot Wants Fishy falls JUST south of that line.

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2010
10:24 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle