Read Only Memory: Vol 1

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Edit: Sweet! Daily First! Thanks everyone for making it so!
Edit: Thanks for the FP Newgrounds!

It's been a really long time since I submitted anything to Newgrounds. Feels nice to actually have something to share with you guys.

So this is Read Only Memory Vol 1. It consists of 4 tiny shorts that Shamoozal has created for GoNintendo.com over the last few months that deal with Nintendo games. This movie loosely bridges the shorts together to form one complete "whole."

This is different than the normal stuff I usually submit to the portal, but I'm hoping you still enjoy it all the same. Thanks for reading, and watching!

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Haha just what I needed to start my day! enjoyed the randomness and laughed out loud for real for some reason when he told Mikey to kiss him haha. 5/5 10/10

=) pretty good =)

Interesting with a couple of funny jokes =). Nice designs but there could always be more animation right =)

Captain N!

Gotta go back Duke! Heh heh heh Didn't expect the NES to glitch while being pulled into the TV. The Link from the CD-I was funny too!

ah that tok me back

really great guys looking forward to vol.2


Man, I had to watch this again just because it made me laugh so much. The unexpected jokes, the style of humor that people who've played NES games can understand, I loved it! It made a really nice change from all the crappy game parody flashes. Hope to see some more like this!

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Aug 24, 2010
1:18 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody