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Read Only Memory: Vol 1

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Author Comments

Edit: Sweet! Daily First! Thanks everyone for making it so!
Edit: Thanks for the FP Newgrounds!

It's been a really long time since I submitted anything to Newgrounds. Feels nice to actually have something to share with you guys.

So this is Read Only Memory Vol 1. It consists of 4 tiny shorts that Shamoozal has created for GoNintendo.com over the last few months that deal with Nintendo games. This movie loosely bridges the shorts together to form one complete "whole."

This is different than the normal stuff I usually submit to the portal, but I'm hoping you still enjoy it all the same. Thanks for reading, and watching!

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link's gay

Good stuff

Some neats ideas, well, 3 to be honest. Far too short for my liking and it left me a bit empty afterwards, making me crave more, as just those few sketches of skilled animation were dissappointing to have no other follow ups.

Ah, but where is my optimism, there will be more you say? I hope so ;D

Not bad at all

But, as another has said, not great.

The animation values are quite good. Synching is strong, effects are sturdy, transitions are good.
From a purely technical standpoint, this is a very solid movie.

Where it stumbles is the writing.
Turnips in Love - fun concept, if somehow familiar. Elements of a game interacting before the characters arrive and destroy their interaction. Something kind of "Awesome Brothers 2" about it, in a way.
Pizza Links - Giving them all voices goes against the nature of the most recent games...or the games ever since their inception, depending on your stance. It had to happen for the joke, true; still, Link never talks. It's kind of a trademark of his.
And "Kiss me" ?? Um...what?
Expected here: a transition into a TMNT game reference; there were at least two TMNT games for NES, either would have been ripe for parody. Or parody of parody. Getting stuck on the building in lvl 2 during multiplayer, for instance, was just begging for some mention at least.
Instead, we are given the TV move to...
Return of Captain N - Maybe this is a reference I'm not catching. But I"m fairly sure that isn't Mike Tyson in the game footage. Being half-sucked into the game worked (and was somewhat funny, the lower half sliding off and leaving massive blood smears), but then it wasn't followed up with anything. A torso in the next game area, or something of the sort. Instead, it moves on without any explanation to...
Simon's Supper - Warrior needs food badly. A gauntlet co-reference was just begging to be made here. The maggots on everything were...realistic, actually. The Ben & Jerry's coming from nowhere was...random. Even just being in another of the blocks would have made more sense and flowed more smoothly. Biggest problem with this short? This is the closing line of your movie..."It's melted again!"
Just not good. Not funny. The "again" is the only remotely notable part of the joke, because it suggests that he's found Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the castle(vania?) before. Which is...still just random.

Your flash skills are undebatable. Spend more time on coming up with strong jokes and better reference to the original games, and Vol. 2 promises to be a great movie.

Shamoozal responds:

You spent a lot of time typing your thoughts, so I'll give you some of my time in return. :)

So the one thing I'd like you to understand is that the four shorts, Turnips, Link, Captain N, and Simon, were all released separate over the course of the last four or so months. This video combined them together with transitions between them to get from point A to point B. That's why the entire thing ends with "It melted again" because that's just the way that short ended and it happened to be the final short in this sequence.

So, going through your bullet points here:

Pizza Links: I'm pretty well versed on my Zelda lore if I do say so myself. Sure, Link NEVER talks. So, that's kind of where the fun in this short comes from. If Wind Waker Link spoke, how would he sound? I decided to make him a tough guy to compensate for his size. Twilight Princess Link? Let's make the one you'd think is the tough guy into a big baby. It's having fun with the characters. You know, Turnips never fall in love in Mario Bros. 2, so should that have stopped me from creating that? I'm sorry that I broke these weird set of rules in your custom rule book of Zelda mythos. But like I said, we're playing with these characters here.

"Kiss me" is in reference to the old Zelda cartoon series that the particular Link came from. We end with the turtle there because, well, I thought it would be funny. I wanted to see Link kiss a Ninja Turtle. There's no real logic here other than to just accept it. It ends on that note because that is how that short ends.

So Captain N. I encourage you to watch the intro to the TV show Captain N on YouTube. It cuts to Mike Tyson because Punch Out is the game he plays in order to go to Video Land in the show. In this short, we're seeing him obsess over returning to Punch Out, hence all the Punch Out games laying around. He's fighting King Hippo because that's who he fights in the intro. While you're at it, watch the season finale of the third season of Lost. I basically made Captain N into Jack Sheppard. That short ends with Kevin getting it, so thats why nothing else follows it up.

So Simon's Supper, yes, its Castlevania. The jokes aren't working for you because you obviously don't know Castlevania. Why would I put Gauntlet jokes in a short that is about Castlevania? Simon finds food inside walls in those games. THe ice cream comes from the ground because nealing in certain locations in the original Vania made items pop up from the floor. The short is following Castlevania logic.

Anyway, it seems you just missed a lot of what's going on here because you don't know the source material or understand how these shorts were originally delivered. Thanks for your time.




Good, not Great.

Im not the one who gives people a 10 just because other people do. This wasn't the best. It was extremely short, I didn't laugh once, just because I love the legend of zelda I gave ya a 7.

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4.26 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2010
1:18 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody