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An Arthropod's Adventure

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Author Comments

Took around 2 months to make this one. Outlines aren't exactly "stable", I use tweens and loops, but most of it is done frame by frame.

If any of you are curious, I don't know what I was thinking exactly when animating this. I'm not going to give a long-winded explanation on how it's so so meaningful, but it probably contains more messages than a lot of 4.20+ flash (most are just violence and bad jokes though)

Oh whatever, the animation isn't all that great anyways. I don't expect it to get a 4, but who knows...

4.07 and front page!! Awesome guys!! Now I'll definitely make another one, though I expect it to be much harder work...

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aaawwnn *-*

cute, very sensitive (:

;( ....

on the start it make me cry because of the egg and the fly ;( but my vote is 10!


Wow, that was great. Of ourse, the animation has room for improvement, but you knew that already. But the important thing is how you portrayed the story and the meaning. The music gave a sort of foreboding feeling which doesn't signal a tragic end but rather conflicting and depressing experiences the antropod and the other creatures go through. The main "meaning" I got out of this is really the conflict between the everyday means to survive at the sacrifice of others and the consciousness within those everyday means and sacrifices. It is like being a doctor. A doctor has to deal with people dying (at his hands or not) and many gross and tragic situations. In order to keep doing his job, he has to turn off his own consciousness of the situation sometimes, so that he doesn't break down every time someone has an illness or dies. I'm probably reading way too much into this, but it really got me thinking.

Great flash, I hope you make some more, whether the animation and graphics get better or not (graphics aren't as important anyway compared to other stuff).


When are you making another one? I realize the first took a great deal of time but as many of your viewers would agree, we need to know what happens to our beloved spider. I'm quite hard to move, but when he got cornered at the water I almost cried thinking that was it for him...really wonderful character and so easy to care about as he always seems to be trying to learn and absorb what he's seen...brings out the best parts of all of us and all of us at our best. Hope to see the next one soon,

Your Biggest Fan.

I enjoyed this

But I don't want the poor guy to starve to death. D;

Good animation, and I liked the song choice.