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The Copy Ninja's Return

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Author Comments

This is the sequel to "Copy Ninja vs. Copyright". You may want to watch that first, but you won't miss much since this has a recap.

I started this thing in May 2007... Some of the animation is from 2007-2008, but I mostly redid everything in early 2010 since my art was god awful. I picked the project up and dropped it several times between 2007 and 5 days ago. I almost wanted to just scrap it since I lost interest in it... but it had lots of progress and there were some people here waiting on the sequel, so here it is. I tried to make it good, though I was recycling some at the times I was feeling a particular lack of motivation.

There wasn't much interest in the project from voice actors, so I ended up doing a bunch of the voices myself since I wanted the thing to get done. My mic isn't spectacular and I haven't really voice acted since the previous installment, so sorry if it's obvious/crappy.
Also, Flash gave me a hard time with the syncing, so I had to offset sounds here and there to try and work around that... If some of the sounds don't seem precise, that's why.

With a runtime of 6 minutes and 44 seconds (excluding credits), it's my longest movie to date. Enjoy.

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Naruto's voice in sounds like that kid's voice from Ninjago. You know, Sensei Wu's evil brother's son?

whenever I said it was a bad flash in the first one doesn't mean I didn't like it I love the series its funny dude

DannyP responds:

? ? ?


DannyP responds:


I think the art was great. Some of the voices could use a little work, but the Sakura voice was good. I loved the storyline as well; It was funny and wasn't stupid. I couldn't picture Kakashi being a villain before this, but I can now. Extremely well done.

Let me know if you need a voice actor in the future.

DannyP responds:

The voices that could use work were surely mine! Nobody seemed interested in this project, so I just did a bunch of the voices myself to get it over with. Thanks for the praise on the story, and I'll keep your voice acting offer in mind if I ever make anything new.

I can't believe I made this 3 years ago, damn. Time just flies on by and I haven't been finishing enough projects to show for it.

This has got to be the best Naruto parody I've ever seen on Newgrounds... You got the characters right too ^_^

Great job, I hope you plan on making more!

DannyP responds:

oops, I'm not planning on making more )-: