Liferaft: Zero

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This is a game idea we worked on awhile ago, but decided to return to it in a different way. It's a kind of prequel, but released before the original was finished. Basically, the original Liferaft is a huge idea, set into 3 episodes in fact. So to try and make a go of it, we made this little stage-based game about the history that lead up to when Liferaft takes place.

It's pretty challenging, we hope you guys dig it.


darken it

some of the stuff was very light blue outlines with white back grouned so i could barly see anything change and i give you a 5/10

took me..

139 tries.
About half of them were done/killed on purpose.

level 28 have half of the true kills.

So its hard, the physics are kind of weird sometimes. Some levels are just brutal. Not enough "scientist/Glados" speeches in the levels.

Theme is excellent. Humor is nice. I like the clone distribution system, and how it changes a little each time, and the narrator calls us by our number.

Scientists are giant or what? Their heads are as big as our girl.

There should be more varied obstacles, like moving platforms ect.


I actually liked this a lot. I liked those messages and the fact that they changed the subject number, that was cool. I suggest putting even more of those messages, or even a back story. -1 point

I couldn't finish the game though. I got stuck at level 27. I even watched the walkthrough, but i cant seem to win it. -1 point

hope this helps, nice game :D

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Polish this mofo and we have a winner...

...but you have GOT to fix the physics in this game. The damn grapple points are insanely impossible to navigate especially considering the tricky maneuvers you have to pull off to get the candies. Other than that, good game.

P.S. on trial 08 the gap in the ceiling above the candy needs to be wider. I can manage to swing far enough to wall jump on the wall above the spike and after doing it for about 8 times the sister clone gets high enough to grab the candy BUT the ceiling is so low it prevents me from using the arc from my jump to get it.

Potentially a great game.

I feel that I could have enjoyed this game much more if the controls were tweaked a little bit. The grappling hook turned out to be extremelly difficult to work with due to the size of the character.
I loved the atmosphere, though; it felt like a pixellated version of Portal. :)

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3.86 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2010
3:10 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other