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WGJ4K: Confirmed 4 Brawl

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The top-secret Brawl character roster has been leaked!


super mario super linkio LOL!

whne they sed god the ruler of teh earth comfermd for brawl i imaged how would be brawl if god wold be in the game? and then i went O_O LOL!!!!!! xD!

I know why it's called soccer.

It's called soccer cuz you wear socks when you play it.

Also, the movie was okay.

saved yourself

ill admit i would have given it a 5/10 until later in the video. "base brawl, basket brawl, foot brawl" saved it for me

Really poor writing, relying on shock jokes...

I should probably first mention all the jokes about "brawl" are substitutes for the word "Quall" used in Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job. Which means you lose a ton of points of plagiarizing. On top of that, you haven't even credited the original writers of the jokes you modified, and you're making money off of this, which I'm pretty sure could count as illegal... but Tim and Eric's show might have loose copyrights because of the indie nature.

Onto the actual content of the show itself, it was pretty amusing for the most part, but a lot of jokes hit or miss. It seems you have nobody looking over your script for errors, or you just don't get the references. The character you called "Morgan Freeman" is actually Gordon Freeman. You either tried to make a joke or you didn't know the difference, either way was a failure.

Actually, the only thing that kept me from rating this zero is Eric recognizing that Brawl came out two years ago and the scene with the real life drawings of all the animals (comic genius that this series needs way more of). Might want to bring up another point here that even if you tell the audience that the show is stupid and point out its obvious flaws doesn't mean you have a free pass to do whatever you want.

From a person who has watched every episode of your show at least 5 times over, I can tell you that all you've done for the past 5 episodes is make fun of the first 3 good episodes. Everything since then has been a really weak parody of something or purposely bad. That type of stuff is acceptable with one or two episodes of a show that has been running for a couple of episodes, but when you're show constantly refers to how stupid it is every breaking minute, you bore your audience.

I have a whole plethora of hilarious jokes and nifty scripts for episodes I spent many hours of the night writing up and you never reply to me. :(.

You may be getting high ratings now, but they aren't honest. About 50 of your 10/10 reviews here don't even specifically mention what makes the show good.

One last point is that it seems the animation is getting a bit lethargic. This episode would only be about a minute long of actual animation, the rest is flashing texts that say "GAY" or "FAGGOT" or "CONFIRMED 4 BRAWL". I'm an avid fan of your work but this series seems to only be a strong money maker for you which you show no passion at all for.

Good luck on your future endeavors and I hope I can assist you in making this a better show, or at least listen to some of your negative reviews and put in an effort into making this show what it can be.


Frieeeeend booooooooox!!

that is all

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4.40 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2010
2:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
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