Bus Hostage by Policeman

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http://www.gov.ph/2012/09 /12/republic-act-no-10175 /
http://www.forbes.com/sit es/insertcoin/2012/10/02/
the-philippines-passes-th e-cybercrime-prevention-a ct-that-makes-sopa-look-r easonable/



To all of you who gave this a bad score because it's STRAIGHT FROM THE HEADLINES AND IT'S INSENSITIVE AND... uhh.. what.. oh, yeah, wait. What?
If it wasn't for this game, I wouldn't have even known this happened. It's all over the news you say? I haven't watched TV since I discovered the internet. The interwebz HAZ NEWS?! Yeah... but I spend all day playing games and masturbating. That doesn't leave time for news, or a job.

YES! This game was a piece of shit. YES! This game was also really fuckin fast and timely. I'm guessing the guy already had a stock game... no i'm not. I'm guessing this guy is a time traveler from the year 2582. He came back with the explicit concern of MAKING THIS HIGH QUALITY GAME based on the most important historical event in ALL OF MAN KIND! HOLY BALLS!!!!

Game sucks, was damn quick though. Thanks for letting me know this happened in a far off country i'll never visit. 1/5-graphic 7/5- time traveling


I wouldn't know if not this game, so thanks for info.

It's just a basic shooter game, not more. The idea is nice.

Also, if that guy lost his job, he wasn't policeman anymore. So it's not the policeman, who took the people hostages, but jobless ex-policeman.

damn its hard.

damn its hard. no comment on the offensiveness. i'm sick of the bad news. anyway, decent game. targets too fast. 7

Without this game I wouldn't have known

For sane people this brings awareness to international events that some people (in this instance me) did not know about. Sure its a dumb game and everything people said about it being distasteful is true. However, it is a great to spread the message about events taking place to make a game out of them.

The author isn't trying to be taken seriously and the literal interpretation of his message is not actually what anyone is trying to say and sane people understand that. In fact a game called Lebanonese civil war marine barracks van bomber drive would probably help inform people. Informing people through possibly pissing them off is worth the 5 minutes of everyones internet cafe time. It's not a big deal. But yes this is a shitty game and not fun. But this being a real game is not the point.

Great :D

It's good for something made so quick .

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Aug 23, 2010
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