Bus Hostage by Policeman

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http://www.gov.ph/2012/09 /12/republic-act-no-10175 /
http://www.forbes.com/sit es/insertcoin/2012/10/02/
the-philippines-passes-th e-cybercrime-prevention-a ct-that-makes-sopa-look-r easonable/



I made a better game in grade 6 just messing with Visual Basic. @touchdownturner
This isn't about whether or not we can make a flash. But the quality of the game.

The timer is stuck on a loop using an hour as the standard variable and starting from 1minute. so it goes in a countdown from 1 minute and reverts to 60.
so the timer is a useless script inside it in other words.

Second, the hitbox of the target is the entire mirror, but it only appears for second when the head has stopped moving and is in full view. so you barely have any time to react and the target in game doesn't link up with the mouse 100%, so even if you click the hitbox. theres still a 50% chance it wont register

Misses also register maybe 75% of the time, and really to increase the hit counter. all you gotta do is press tab and space back and forth and you will play a perfect 'game'

Then your preface: "Seeking to arm-twist authorities into reinstating him back, a dismissed policeman has taken a bus with 25 passengers hostage here. Can you stop him and blow his brain?"

With that, you would assume there is a bit of challenge. perhaps passengers popping up every now and then that make you lose "The Game" (hah! gotcha), or perhaps a single cop with a health bar that depletes until hes dead. give it a ending or somthing to work towards because its just not enjoyable to play otherwise. its a senseless clickfest. the banner ads you see at least give you an objective and an end (they send you a pop-up).

So with half assed work, 2 layers of images, 6 possible locations to shoot, and the same crap with no goal. I give this flash (if you could call it that) a 0 out of 5. and a 0 out of 10

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Really Disgusting Message

How Dare you Make Fun of such a sittuation? people died and you try to make a lol? it didnt work the game was utterly horrible the graphics were something youd expect from a 8 year old the music didnt fit in at all stupid idea very simplistic which is the main reason why im giving this such a low score. I dont think you should try and remake the game because i dont like the way you make fun of people dying but if you make a game with this style try to at the very least have a couple different guns and levels please dont make these kind of games its depressing and the familys of the people that died have suffered alot even though you changed it to President eddition or someonething oranother the message is still very hurt full and very deep :(

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Inappropriate and insensitive

What happened in the Philippines wasn't a joke. It's not a situation that can just be turned into a game. I am a Filipino and seeing this game posted up not long after the whole incident is very, VERY insulting to all Filipinos and Chinese citizens everywhere.

I'm sure nobody wanted this situation to happen. Who would have expected it anyway, right? You may have found it funny to make a game out of it but let me ask you this: Are hostages and murders funny and something to be made fun of? Do those things make you happy, more so other people?

Be sensitive to what other may think about this game. Don't add more fuel to the fire. It's already a troublesome case and yet you put this up. That is very insensitive of you.

I suggest that you take down this inappropriate and insensitive game that you made. It may seem funny to you but it's not something to be laughed about. This is a serious matter - a crisis that the Philippines is facing as of the moment and I believe - I'm sure that others will agree with me - that this isn't a game to play.

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BTW, my friend is wondering why there aren't any hammers in the game?

crappy and buggy

you could spare yourself the effort to make a game like this. the game isn't challenging anymore in this century. and on top of that it is very buggy: my timer says i have still 55 minutes remaining and the policepets are like glued to the window...
0 stars are even to much stars for this game...

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Aug 23, 2010
10:22 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person