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Ducktails Adventure 22

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12 at night seems like a good idea to submit a new ducktails

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Why doesn't this have a Front Page

Not worthwhile

This has background music and a looping motion tween. A worthwhile flash movie has a story, animation...

you know what I'm not going to waste my time repeating myself you obviously don't intend to submit anything other than 5-minute motion tween MP3 music wonders called "ducktails" so I'm not even going to show any compassion or mercy for your artistic wonder. I'm just going to vote zero, and that's that. And I advise anyone else about to click the Review button to simply not waste their time, this author doesn't care.

I'm not saying this just to be a jerk, every episode of "Ducktails" from this author is just as bad. A song, a motion tween, and that's it. It's kind of hard to write something constructive to an author that clearly doesn't care. I see the Kitty Krew put more effort into "Pikachu Surfing" than this, and that series is little more than crude brush drawings, speakonia and motion tweening Pokemon GIFs to tell some kind of nonsensical story one microsecond at a time. Yes, that right: you are JUST AS BAD as the Kitty Krew. Hurts, doesn't it?

I'm going to tell you the same thing I tell the Kitty Krew: This is Newgrounds.com, a site for Flash movies that are interesting, new, creative, or worthwhile to keep. This is NOT a kitty litter box. This is NOT a public toilet. This is not a site for you to just make up shit and throw it to see if it sticks to the wall. If you can't come up with something worthwhile to watch here, then don't submit anything at all. Stop wasting people's time and bandwidth. Thank you.

livelavalive responds:

im hurt