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Un-Named Flash

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Author Comments

Yes, I'm re-uploading it on my new account. Do not blam this because I didn't steal it, I'm just re-uploading it on my new, better account. I made a new one because I didn't think using my real name as a user name was a very good idea.

Sorry about the voices. Every time I tried recording my own, some gay error popped up.
I'm not very expirienced in flash so please go easy on me. Please review and I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and at the part where it shows the guy on the computer, the poster on the wall is a LINK. Didn't expect that, now did you? Even knowing nobody cares enough to click it, it still makes me feel acomplished.

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It was quite funny, still, think you should improve it a little more before putting it on NG.

Anyways, it was kinda OK. Nice job!


aside from thew crappy voices, this is actually really good, good job man, keep it up...

It's great!

The voices are kind of crap, but you know that - it's Speakonia, what can you do? Well if you want I'd be willing to record some voices for you at some point. I don't know if I can do all the voices, but I'll give it a shot, anyway.

There was also one joke in there (the one with the guy who didn't want to come outside) that's pretty much exactly from a webcomic I read years ago, so that got a couple points knocked off, but other than that, not bad

HatGuy responds:

Yeah, I read it from a webcomic too. I just thought it would be funny.


I liked this way more then I should have...


The voices were hilarious as was ''I bet I can make you flinch''... great flash and I really dont think theres a name to describe it.