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Shattered Heaven Act 4.1

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Author Comments

Scene 1 of Act 4.

Also note I use a play button for the first time in a long time haha...yeah. I do listen sometimes lol.

Brief: Adam Novus narrates a brief flash back of events that detail the major plot points in the 3rd novel that preludes the anime series. This serves more as something to give some background to the series. This episode in its entirety contains a lot of action, the most of any so it may take a bit before those scenes are completed and posted. I would like to point out that these scenes are not full episodes, but just scenes to comprise of the complete half hour episode.

This scene also contains the first original piece of music from the Shattered Heaven OST.

Act 4 "Conflict"

After the initial attacks on the Angel facilities have died down, Gail issues an recon mission on a facility believed to be a cell belonging to Demetrius' terrorist organization. Solus, Serenity, Forza, Keira and Lenard encounter heavy resistance upon their arrival. All the while, Adam Novus has made up his mind on how he will play in the fight for the future of the world.

Adam Novus: nikedrummer33
Sharon Amare: Mochan
Stephen Novus: Stephen Alonso
Ashley Bellelus: Mippa
Mario Liberalis: Mysticshinhanku
Heather Pertencia: candi
Luscious Malum: Aramek
Gail Contandino: Photoshoptimeryan
Solus Saevio: clwinston
Forza Devinco: Sfox
Serenity Credo: Rina-chan/Haushinka
Chris Procella: Dymatrex
Keira Sequor: Merodi
Leo Ombra: Leo Rubino
Amy: Lira Tao
Animus Pravelo: Bwoods
Demetrius Libertas: Russ
Lenard Shaw: Edwyn
Yuna Innitor: Hnilmik
Elaine Libre: Scarlotte
Freya Abby: Mirielle
Christina Effloresco: Sapphire
Jen Fama: Catoni15
Sean Repens: Rebelcheese
Mike Aquilis: Sonicmega
Marius: bomberman61
Rose Amare: Exdevlin

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